USS Explorer


Simm Guidelines
Here are just a few guidelines to help you enjoy easy and fun simming on the simulation:

1 - Age Guideline
1.1 - The minimum age for players on this simulation is 16. Any players found to be under that age will removed from the simulation immediately.

2 - Posting
2.1 - The minimum posting requirement for the simulation is once every fortnight (14 days) from the date of your last post (solo or joint post), with a desired minimum content of over 500 words for a solo post and over 700 words for a joint post regardless of the number of participants. Please bear in mind that personal logs don't count towards the minimum posting requirement.
2.2 - With regards to joint posts, allow up to three days before saving the post again to remind the other player(s) that they have a tag to reply to. This can be done three times before the tag is edited out and the other participant(s) carries on with the post. Don't write the other player's character(s) in any circumstances unless you have been given express permission to do so by the either the Commanding Officer or Executive Officer in order to advance the storyline.
2.3 - Please make sure that all details - post title, post timeline and location are filled out before submitting any solo or joint posts.
2.4 - If you are unsure or would like to ask about the inclusion of any character-related sub plots in the current or any future mission(s), please contact either the Commanding Officer or Executive Officer. Any ideas for inclusion in current or future missions are always welcome.
2.5 - Please try to respond to tags within 72 hours.

3 - Non-playing characters
3.1 - A player may create up to five NPCs (non-playing character) for use on the simulation, and up to two of these can be "linked" to a player. Positions that NPCs are used in should always be kept vacant so that prospective players are encouraged to apply for those positions.
3.2 - Always remember that posts from NPCs are very welcome as they add a different perspective to the current storyline of the simulation, however your main focus should always be your main character.
3.3 - "Linked" NPCs should have a full biography, with a character image preferred but not essential. NPCs do not have to have a full biography, although the basic character details (name, species, age, hair/eye colour, height and weight) are desired.
3.4 - NPCs can be used in either your own and/or other departments, although they cannot hold any Department Head or Assistant head positions. NPCs should be at least one rank below your main character unless special dispensation is given by the Commanding Officer.

4 - Taking a leave of absence
4.1 - If you need to take time off from the sim, please fill out the LOA (Leave of Absence) request form and when you return be sure to update your status to let the Commanding Officer or player in charge know that you have returned. Don't worry if you take longer than you initially anticipate, just let a member of the Command Team know if you are able to.
4.2 - LOAs can be granted for any amount of time of up to a month (30 or 31 days), with ELOAs (Extended Leave of Absences) granted for up to two months (60-62 days). If you are unsure what to do, please contact the Commanding Officer or Executive Officer.

5 - Conduct
5.1 - Always treat all other players and their characters in a manner that you would want yourself and your characters to be treated at all times.
5.2 - Due to the sim's rating (16+), posts have to conform to these guidelines:
5.2.1 - Occasional use of cursing is permitted, however please refrain from excessive use of strong language.
5.2.2 - Depiction of violence is permitted, however this must not include any detailed description of the violence or any injuries that are sustained as a result.
5.2.3 - References to sexual conduct are permitted, however no depictions of sexual intercourse or any other erotic encounters are permitted

Any posts that breach these guidelines will be returned to the editing area immediately.