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Lieutenant Teh'dri Caix

Name Teh'dri Caix

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Half-Trill/Half-Vulcan
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 130lbs
Hair Color Brown Hair with Teal Highlights
Eye Color Teal Eyes
Physical Description Teh’dri is a lean but athletic woman with deep brown hair and a nearly teal colored eyes. Trill markings on her face are somewhat surprisingly contrasted by the angular pointed ears of her Vulcan descent. Her hair is often kept long, tied in a ponytail when on duty. She keeps highlights in her hair the exact shade of her eyes most of the time.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Sheris (Deceased)
Mother Belra Caix (Deceased)
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family The Naev Symbiont (Damaged)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Like her heritage, Teh’dri is a complicated individual. A half-Trill/half-Vulcan, her personality is a bit of a hybrid. Trained in the tenants of Surakian Logic, many of her mental patterns follow the traditional form of Vulcan cognitive processes. However, her half Trill biology meant that her emotions were simply outside the bounds of emotional control. Instead, she has something of a wry, cutting wit and a spunky, energetic personality. Many have been surprised to here her speak like a Vulcan when discussing practical matters and the immediate crack a joke. Her upbeat personality does not escape the emotional extremes that Vulcans sometimes experience though, and she struggles at times to stay contained.
Her mixed biology means that many of the traits of her parent’s races are present but diluted. She possesses much of the physical strength of Vulcans, though not quite as much as a true Vulcan. Her telepathic abilities are also substantially more limited, capable of a mindmeld only with substantial effort, often left quite drained by the task.
Though she (and Starfleet) have gone to great lengths to conceal it, Teh’dri is in fact a Joined Trill…of sorts. The joining with the Naev Symbiont had been performed under emergency conditions with no alternatives. And the end result was tragic. Though joined, Naev suffered cognitive damage before the joining and subsequently suffered biological rejection from her Vulcan half. The outcome was utter silence. Teh’dri has never been in communication with Naev, receiving little beyond bits of situational memory and impersonal general knowledge from the many eras Naev lived through, often arriving in disorienting bursts. The botched Joining is a heavy secret Teh’dri carries with some shame, knowing that it could mean a permanent mark on Trill if it comes to light.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Logical mind capable of thinking through some of the most complex calculations
+ Highly skilled in a wide array of scientific techniques
+ Skilled Combatant, assisted by near-Vulcan strength
+ Competent Pilot and reasonable juryrigger

- Lacks Emotional Control at times, a testament to her mixed biology
- Can be extremely stubborn when her ideology is pushed
- Can be a bit insular. While outwardly social, she struggles to make deeper connections.
- Struggles to maintain objectivity when dealing with worlds under Emerald Chain Control
Ambitions Teh'dri aims for the center chair some day, though beyond that she knows little. Her entire life has been shaped into the uniform, and her fears that the Federation may fall have given her little other hopes than to hold the line.
Hobbies & Interests Reviewing Astronomical Surveys, Listening to Music from other cultures, games of strategy, melee combat (recreational), archery, recreational sailing

Personal History Teh'dri Caix was born a contradiction. Half-Vulcan/Half-Trill and cut off from the homeworld of either culture, the young Caix entered the galaxy on the world of Nembiris III. A small Federation colony in a previous century, it soon became a frontier land, cut off from any and all support when the Burn ravaged the galaxy. Remarkably, the colony was small enough that they managed to fend for themselves. And for a time Nembiris III was peaceful, if lonely.

Teh'dri was raised by parents whose parents believed in the Federation and passed it down as a story. But her parents own lack of faith was evident in their retellings. It was more myth than mantra. Her family tried to raise her to respect both cultures. She grew up practicing the tenants of Surak's logic without committing to purging emotion.

For most of her childhood, her upbringing was simple. She studied the sciences and tended to their towns handful of craft, learning the basics of keeping them spaceworthy. Warp drive was out of reach, but impulse range was open to them, allowing for some resource collection. They had sporatic contact with neighboring systems when some couriers ran jobs back and forth, but Teh'dri never got to leave Nembiris.

Her life was turned on its head in the fall of 3177, when a massive craft suddenly appeared in their skies. The large angular craft was unlike anything she'd ever seen and very unlike the smooth craft of the Starfleet handbooks she'd read in her spare time. Mere moments later, the settlement had dissolved into chaos. It seems that someone in town had made a deal through the couriers with an organization known as the Emerald Chain, a deal which they had failed to keep up with. As such, the Chain, which had ignored their peaceful backwater world, now turned its attention to it. Masked mercenaries flooded into the town and weapons fire soon filled the air. On that day, the young Caix lost everything. Her grandparents Federation memorabilia apparently angered their Emerald Chain captors. It earned her parents a death sentence. As the village was razed, Teh'dri herself was taken aboard an Emerald Chain vessel to be sent to a forced labor camp.

Her life was turned on its head a second time about 6 hours later. The Emerald Chain vessel she had been forced onto was suddenly ripped from warp and began shaking violently. The USS Avenger, a Credence-class Federation Starship assigned to that region, had picked up on the attack and responded as quickly as it was able. The crew of the Avenger boarded the Emerald Chain ship, and in her trauma addled mind, appeared to Teh'dri as if figures out of legend.

It took 8 long weeks of counseling sessions to pull her out of the cloud of those events, but when Teh'dri emerged back into the world, she had a singular purpose. She was joining Starfleet. Captain Verysa, the Bajoran man in charge of the Avalon, soon saw that there was little chance of her changing her mind, but informed her they were a year away from returning to base. Teh'dri, not about to be dissuaded, pushed the issue.

In late fall of 3177, 9 weeks after the destruction of the Nembiris III colony, Teh'dri Caix put on the Starfleet Delta for the first time, serving as an Acting Cadet until the Avenger could return to port. Her duties largely focused on learning basic shipboard operations, supporting various departments, and catching up on over a century of galactic history she'd never had access to.

When the Avenger pulled into Starfleet Command a year later, she entered Starfleet Academy (or what little of it there was) with an entire year of credits under her belt and noteworthy practical experience. She soon focused on the Sciences, with some supplemental course work as was required.

Her first assignment out of the Academy was aboard the USS Le Guin. Aboard this vessel, she served as junior science officer, giving her a chance to use the experiences she'd gained aboard the Avenger. On an extended diplomatic mission, she got to meet one of the first Trills that wasn't her mother, Gendra Naev. The diplomat was seasoned, but had a brighter outlook than many. His optimism rubbed off on Caix in a positive way. So it came as an even greater shock when Gendra was betrayed by the opposing negotiators and was fatally wounded. The dying man requested Caix serve as the new host for the Naev Symbiont, but Teh'dri raised the objection that her half-Vulcan biology would likely pose a substantial issue. The fact that she had gone through none of the joining preparation process meant that she was also unqualified as far as the government of Trill would be concerned.

There were no other viable hosts aboard the Le Guin, ultimately forcing her hand. Not wanting to ignore the wishes of her dying mentor figure nor wanting to condemn one of the only Trill Symbionts in Starfleet to death, Teh'dri reluctantly agreed. However, when the young woman awoke from the procedure, she was met by deafening silence. The Symbiont, apparently having sustained some cognitive damage prior to the joining, had been weak and frail before being introduced to her system. Her Vulcan biology had then nearly rejected the entity causing unknown additional damage.

The Ancient Naev Symbiont, which Caix had assumed would become an integral part of her existence, was silent. The two never made a mental connection. And while Teh'dri would receive flashes of past knowledge over the coming years, the personality had been fully stripped from these pieces of information.

Starfleet, knowing the loss of a Trill Symbiont alone would further worsen their distant relations with the Trill Homeworld, went to great lengths to hide that a joining had been attempted but failed. Teh'dri's own medical records were falsified so as not to make her the target of a foreign incident. The entire situation hit her hard, and direct orders from Dr. Kovich had her reassigned somewhere to help nurture her recovery.

She was ultimately reassigned back to the USS Avenger, a move she did not mind in the slightest. In fact, being back in what now essentially served as the closest thing to a home was quite good for her. Caix soon recovered most of the way to her chipper self, relying on some of that Vulcan emotional repression she generally had ignored. She was promoted to Lieutenant and began to serve as Assistant Chief Science Officer.

During her years on the Avenger, she avoided numerous offers of additional transfers and focused instead on honing her craft in the sciences. Her thoughts of career progression were shelved for several years, instead simply doing the day to day. It wasn't as though there wasn't enough to worry about as is.

Her skill with recovering past knowledge from the seemingly inert symbiont improved, and she eventually was able to recall a decent amount of information from past eras if she put her mind to it. Ironically, practicing Vulcan meditation helped ease this process, one of the first time in her life where her mixed biology worked in her favor. As she finally began to come out of her shell, she decided it was time to stop hiding on the Avenger. She loved the vessel but it could not remain her home forever.

Seeking new horizons and a better way to be of service, she applied for the Chief Science Officer position aboard the USS Explorer.
Service Record 3177 - 3178 - USS Avenger (Credence Class)- Acting Cadet

3178 - 3181 - Starfleet Academy - Cadet

3181 - 3184 - USS Le Guin (Mars Class) - Junior Science Officer - Ensign

3185 - 3189 - USS Avenger (Credence Class) - Assistant Chief Science Officer - Lieutenant JG

3189 - Present - USS Explorer - Chief Science Officer - Lieutenant