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Captain Hastios Patton

Name Hastios Jack Patton

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El Aurian
Age 292

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Hastios has an imposing figure. He has worked extremely hard over his near 300 years at keeping his body in peak physical condition and his near total lack of body fat is something he takes great pride in.

He commands a room just by his presence and can disarm someone with as much as a look.


Father General George Patton X, Starfleet Marines
Mother Commander Olivea Patton, Starfleet Intelligence
Other Family Notable:

General Jack Patton (Deceased) - Great x3 Grandfather
Admiral Aer Patton (nee Feshau), location unknown, Great x3 Grandmother

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses + Peak physical condition, large, strong frame.
+ Just about 200 years Starfleet experience.
+ Tactical knowledge

+/- Has memories of how the Federation/Starfleet used to be.

- Can be short tempered at times when frustrated.
- Can at times suffer from moments of melancholy when remembering pre-Burn Federation/Starfleet standards.
Ambitions Hastios has always had the ambition of a traveller, an adventurer. Even now he still wants to reach out and explore the galaxy, but the Burn has made Starfleet's focus a lot more tunnelled.
Hobbies & Interests Hastios likes to keep his body in shape and as such is in the gym more than once a day usually. He enjoys weights, endurance training and anything that can test him physically.

He has also been known to cook on occasion and enjoys a trip on the holodeck as much as the next man.

Personal History Hastios was born on Kaitos, the El Aurian homeworld, in 2897. His parents were Starfleet officers. His father was General George Patton X, a man of great lineage drawing from the line of the old Earth General, General George S Patton. Of course he was a Human, Hastios was of mixed heritage.

His great great great grandfather had been General Jack Patton, a Human through and through, who had met his great great great grandmother Admiral Aer Fesha, an El Aurian, all the way back in the 2400s. They had two children together and from that line sadly the Human genes were somewhat diluted as they mixed back in with El Aurians but the Patton name and DNA was still a part of them.

Kaitos had joined the Federation in the beginning of the 2500s through the stewardship of Ambassador Zaos Orihana on SB50: Poseidon Station. Over the centuries their relationship flourished.

Hastios spent the first 40 years of his life on Kaitos learning under the tutorship of his teachers, his mentors and guidance on the El Aurian way of life. So much had been regained over the centuries that was thought lost so long ago after their original homeworld was lost.

In 2937 he set off into the galaxy and traveled. He visited many worlds, Earth among them, so he could learn about some of his ancestors, The Pattons. He also visited worlds such as Cardassia, Ni’Var, Kronos to name but a few.

His travels were exciting, they were challenging but he got a sense of the galaxy from it and he wouldn’t have changed anything… well, maybe apart from the Nausican knife wound to his abdomen, but it was all in good fun.

In 2982 Hastios returned to Kaitos to document his travels on paper. It was now a custom to do so as his people were now always concerned with how easily knowledge can be lost, that all information is sacred. His stories entertained locals at their social gatherings, intrigued the intellectuals and encaptivated the kids as Hastios traveled the world telling people of his adventures.

He even wrote a book, Hastios’ Guide to the Quadrant.

In 2990 Hastios enrolled in Starfleet Academy, much to his fathers annoyance that it was not the marines. His four years were great. He excelled in sports due to his athleticism, build and strength. A 6ft 2 blond haired mountain bested most when he fought in martial arts competitions as well as the Starfleet wrestling team.

His scores in the security field, his tactical prowess helped him gain the top percentage in his class upon graduation.

Hastios spent time learning more about the security and tactical fields in more depth with hands-on experience on the Starfleet vessels he was posted on. He was noted for his meticulous attention to detail and keen observation skills.

There was one of his COs who claimed he lacked ambition… Hastios corrected him by stating he was in no rush to reach the top by cutting corners. He had ‘all the time in the universe’ due to his species' aging process. Rank was not as important as experience and attaining the goals set out for.

Hastios spent the next 40 years plying his trade in security, as well as getting promoted to XO and then CO of his own vessel.

His first command was the USS Cleopatra with Commander Bys Th'tolnir, an Andorian, as his First Officer. He commanded this vessel for over 12 years before handing over the reins.

Next was the USS T’pol, then USS Attenborough.

Hastios took some leave for 6 months in between postings before taking up command of the USS Picard.

It was on this ship that catastrophe struck. The year 3069 became synonymous with a searing change throughout the galaxy. In an instant they were cut off from Starfleet, the Federation and seemingly all other Starfleet vessels. One minute their transponders were there to be seen, the next gone.

The Picard had powered down its warp core due to technical issues. Hastios’ chief Engineer, Lt. Commander Wahlberg, had noticed strange readings from the dilithium and had asked for some time to investigate. What occurred was the total destruction of the dilithium core that fed the warp core, fortunately it had been outside the core at the time. However Engineering was badly damaged from the explosive force of the event.

Fortunately the Picard had been close to the Sol System at the time and managed to limp back at impulse, albeit taking them 6 months.

Upon their arrival ‘home’ they found Earth in turmoil. Human paranoia had spun in circles and they had spoke of their intention to leave the Federation and expel all alien races from their planet. This soon became fact.

Earth closed their doors, soon followed by Andoria.

Two founding Federation worlds withdrew.

As such Starfleet joined with the Federation in a different way as their headquarters had to move.

Without much of a fleet to help, no warp drive the trip was arduous and long but eventually they set up inside a nebula and hid themselves behind a toroidal distortion field generated by other Starfleet ships found along the way.

Over the next 120 years the Federation dwindled, from over 350 members down to just 38, and those were the ones they knew about. Starfleet lost its power and status, the pirates and criminal organisations of the galaxy began to take advantage of this vacuum.

The Emerald Chain, White Palm Raiders to name but a few.

Now Hastios was in command of the USS Explorer, he’d retained his Captain's status for over 150 years. It anything Starfleet needed Captains to push forward and try to retake the galaxy from tyrants and bring people back together.

Fleet Admiral Charles Vance, a longtime friend, has entrusted Hastios to be a shining light in the darkness, to bring people back together and change the perception of the Federation and Starfleet.