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Lieutenant Ostara Ral

Name Ostara Ral

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 38 (February 1 3151)

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 123 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A statuesque beauty, she is outgoing, and speaks animatedly. She is exceptionally lithe and knows eight different forms of martial arts including Aikido and the Mok Bara. She rarely keeps her hair down, as she rather enjoys showing off her spots. She has a asymmetrical mouth which gives her the appearance that she is smirking all the time.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Boman Nial
Mother Klzia Nial

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ostara was joined with the Ral symbiont at the age of 18. The Guardians did not choose her for the joining. However, Ral perhaps the oldest symbiote did. She was selected for the joining after already being an active officer in Starfleet. So, she took a leave of absence from Starfleet and returned to Trill. Despite the fact that Trill had left the Federation. However, after she recuperated from the joining she returned to her Starfleet career. As with most Trill she is exceptionally organized and her centuries of knowledge made her one of the best doctor’s that Starfleet had to offer. She studied General Medicine in school, but has an aptitude of holistic medicine. She is skilled in all the sciences and finds unknown phenomena to be particularly interesting. She is known to be a bit of a flirt when not on duty, and when on duty can be a little bit of a stickler for protocol.

Romantically she is attracted to all forms of gender as most joined Trill are and identifies as bisexual. Although for her gender is not what she looks for. Ostara is a sapiophile, and finds highly intelligent people attractive.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Wise Beyond Her Years (due to Ral)
+ Organized
+ Cross Departmental Management
+ Coldly Logical

- Naive
- Thinks she is nothing without Ral
- Worries that Ral will choose to leave her
Ambitions Ostara is afraid of herself really. She feels that she is worthless if it was not for the Ral symbiont she would be nothing. This is of course untrue but she has nightmares of waking up without Ral and losing all of her knowledge, her intelligence. That Ral will choose to be with someone who is more worthy of the symbiote and leave. She also has arachnophobia.

She hopes to one day become a Starfleet Captain like a few of her previous hosts. She further hopes that one day the galaxy will arrive at a state where Starfleet and the Federation can return to its former state. She wants to be a part of this goal.

Daynah's ambition is quite simple... Restore the Federation to its former and future self.
Hobbies & Interests Much of her hobbies are inherited from Ral. She loves Football, Fencing, and Renaissance sword play. She is an avid fan of Trill and Betazoid poetry. She is also exceptionally good at Dabo and Dam Ja'at. For music she loves Klingon and Vulcan in particular as well as an old Earth genre of music Rock and Roll. The part of her that is Rodan Ral plays the guitar and harp. She also sings Mezzo Soprano.

Personal History
The Many Lives of Ral

The Ral symbiote is arguably the oldest surviving symbiote. Here is a listing of the many people who have carried Ral throughout the centuries.

2161 - Ral born

2161 - 2258 - Rodan Ral - Musician - Died of natural causes

2258 - 2335 - Eliza Ral - Scientist - Died of natural causes

2335 - 2372 - Alaryc Ral - Starfleet Captain - Killed in Dominion Attack

2372 - 2374 - Jazra Ral - Freedom FIghter - Died due to injury from Dominion torture

2374 - 2375 - Norah Ral - Diplomat - Died of natural causes

2375 - 2475 - Daynah Ral - Starfleet Officer/Scientist/Diplomat - Died from injuries gained in Breen attack

2475 - 2550 - Hobi Ral - Actor - Died of natural causes

2550 - 2630 - Kirja Ral - Novelist - Murdered by a jilted lover

2630 - 2780 - Yanel Ral - Pediatrician - Died while saving a child's life. Voluntarily gave her heart so a child could live.

2780 - 2830 - Odom Ral - Federation Senator - Died of natural causes

2830 - 2930 - Gadria Ral - Restaurateur/Chef - Died in a robbery

2930 - 3000 - Vibi Ral - Trill statesman - Died of natural causes

3000 - 3069 - Tara Ral - Starfleet Officer - Died in The Burn

3069 - 3169 - Jaro Ral - Trill Guardian - Died of natural causes

3169 - present - Ostara Ral - Starfleet Officer