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Lieutenant J'nassa B'lara Re Zanas

Name J'nassa Tam B'lara Re Zanas

Position Chief Security/Tactial Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Eldoran
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 9in
Weight 160lbs
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description J'nassa is slender and could almost be described as willowy. She has a standard workout routine of muscle toning, martial arts and dancing to keep herself in shape. Her body build is Athletic/Dancer. She is strong enough to handle herself in a situation, but not over over developed enough to detract from her feminisitic appearance and charms.


Spouse D'anic Vol B'lara Re Zanas. ( Deceased ) Killed by Eldoran Secret Police
Children Fraternal Twins Son/Daughter R'tan & S'oova B'Lara
Killed by Eldoran Secret Police ( Age 3. Deceased Killed in same raid as their father. )
Father El'dan Sha Rias Re Zanas. Age:74 Divorced and retired civil servant City zoning department. Will never forgive Ch'ika for the murder D'anic and the twins, but there is nothing he can do about it.
Mother Ch'ika Des Rias Re Zanas. Age:75 Major in the Eldoran Secret Police. Ordered the capture of J'nassa and the elimination of her son in law and grandchildren for taking J'nassa from her duties.
Brother(s) T'rev Sha Rias Re Zanas. Age:42 Married 3 children Works in the Zanas City Law enforcement Division.

'aras Sha Rias Re Zanas. Age:39 Married 4 children. Owner of Rias Butcher shop & Meats.
Sister(s) E'va Rae D'elar Re Zanas. Age:36. Married with 3 children. House wife

Y'un Des T'olber Re Zanas. Age:33. Married with two children and runs T'olber Bakery with her husband.
Other Family Brother and Sister in laws with Nieces and nephews She'll never be able to meet thanks to her mother. J'nassa fears she'll endanger them if she ever contacts them.

Mittens is a one year old Russian Blue cat breed. She is adventurous and loves to climb and explore everything and is very playful.

Personality & Traits

General Overview With the members of the crew that she knows and is comportable with, she is open and friendly. With strangers and aliens, she can appear to be shy or reserved.

J'nassa will get very quiet in the presence of another Eldoran, her eyes will narrow and become focused on that person. Her face will remain emtionless as she works her way behind them and waits to see if they are a danger, and if they are she will strike.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Empathic + Mental Clairity + Disaplined + Loyal to firends and ship. + Dedicated to the cause or mission.

- Desires revenge against her mother. - Emotional Scarring - Immediate distrust of Eldorans ( Fear of being agents of the Eldoran Secret Police. ) - Nightmares ( When overtired, she has nightmares about her family. - Suspicious of strangers
Ambitions 1. To see the federation reformed and galatic co-operation between governments realized. 2.To find other federation Ships, Bases and Colonies. 3. To prove her worth as a person and an asset to the ship. 4. To work her way through the ranks as far as she can go.
Hobbies & Interests 1. Brewing of Animal, Reptile, Plants and Insect extracts. 2. Bladed and ancient weapons usage. 3. Body Toning workouts. 4. Dancing. 5. Ba'dara style martial Arts. ( same as Brazilian Capoeiro. ) 6. Plays the Eldoran Fa'shir. ( Small 10 string harp.) 7. Cooking. 8. Gardening & Hortoculture. 9. Singing. 10. Sewing & Knitting.

Personal History J'nassa is is the youngest of the five children that were born to El'dan and Ch'ika Rias, and having two older brothers and two older sisters. She was hand picked by her mother and started an intense battery of education at age four.

J'nassa was put through an intense battery of education during the day and Synaptic accelerated education during her sleep cycle. Being lock up and hooked into holographic teachers and monitors most of the day and all of the night she rarely got to see her brothers and sisters and was only disconnected from her learning pod during meal breaks, and that was only at the insistence of the attending doctor who monitored her during the day.

By the time she had turned eight, she was learning middle school education and began immersed training in social skills, etiquette, martial arts, small weapon expert skill and poison brewing.

At ten years of age her programming was expanded to include the art of seduction and assassination techniques to go along with the other learning modules. And was intensive studies for the next two years.

At age twelve, Domestic skills were added so that she could adapt and blend into society. She learned Musical instruments (Small harp. Cooking, Singing, Dancing, Gardening & Horticulture, Sewing and Knitting.

From ages thirteen to sixteen, Her programming consisted of collage level courses, parenting skills, running a household and house hold cleaning basic maintenance and budgeting. J'nassa didn't even know when her birthday was until she turned sixteen. She never really had a childhood and grew up like a test rat in a lab.

During a solo test outing she met a young man named D'anic B'lara and they became friends and then started dating. J'nassa felt something stirring inside and had finally tasted real love outside of a computer simulation. A few months later she was pregnant and running away with D'anic to start a life together.

J'nassa was a mother before she was seventeen and spent the next three years with D'anic as the happiest of her life and looked forward to spending the rest of her life with the man she loved and her family.

The day of the twins third birthday, J'nassa went to the market for the families dinner and get the ingredients for the cake. When she came home from the market, she found the house engulfed in flames and the secret police incinerating her family in the front yard. After they departed, J'nassa gathered what few meager possessions she could, found the twins teddy bears and collected what ashes she could from the burnt bodies of her family and stowed away aboard an outbound freighter.

With her skills she managed to stay hidden from the freighter crew for two weeks until they arrived at a freeport station. She saw the explorer docked and in port for needed supplies. She approached security and asked to speak to an officer for the purpose of being recruited and joining the crew. Her skills are suited to security and tactics, so she tested and trained and was accepted due to being short staffed. That was nearly ten years ago. She had worked her way through the ranks and has finally found a safe haven that she can call home and find some peace to her troubled soul.
Service Record USS Explorer became her home shortly after she left the Eldoran home world. She has served and worked her way up through the ranks by excelling in all that she does. J'nassa loves the challenge of the job and the investigation aspect of security.