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Lieutenant JG Gegimp

Name Gegimp

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ferengi
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1
Weight 137
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Short and stubby, ears the size of Satarn from the Sol system long nails wear glasses to make him look more important


Spouse Orpakor - Male Ferengi
Children Rosazenna - Female - Age 15
Father Kisamiya
Mother Gelash

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gegimp may be short but he's precissasnt he likes the insurance man, he'll call every morning every afternoon every night he's everybody friend there's a reason why he's so happy and that's cause he gets everybody in the end.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Smart
+ Good at Diplomacy

+/- Can talk *too much**

- Includes too much in a report
- Blabbermouth
Ambitions To make the Federation great again whether that be re-shaping it into an Empire or into the olds ways of peace.
Hobbies & Interests Interesting in Gambling and operating a business, like to play Human sports like Basketball

Personal History Gegimp was birthed on a Federation moon near the Fedration HQ that provided little almost nothing amount dilithium crystals his mother and father were simple miners while Gegimp attended the under-funded school at the age of 9 he talked to the school bully to stop bullying people and knew from then onwards he was something than a miner.

He later went to join Starfleet the mine was already full or didn't have enough ore deposits left so it was better that he left. There was another Ferengi by the name of Orpakor they both became friends and after a failed double date in their 3rd year, they fell in love after snogging each other on the pavement outside of the restaurant. But during their 4th year, Orpakor was expelled for cheating on his exam papers he later proposed marriage and they've been happily together since they were friends.

On his first assignment, it was pretty much nothing except making sure everyone had the right documents and knew the right words to say what he loved was the dances healed in their honour he might of gotten a sore neck from looking up from time but he always loved the hearing story of other races from their primitive nations to their First World Wars.

The Department Head took the wrong course of action with a warlike race and lost his head because of it literally, they didn't mean it they just thought he was calling them Gegimp had to change his Captain's mind which he did and took the job not just explaining the situation and how it could be fixed but confronting the Ambassadors. The Caroline's mission was to keep peace within the Federation until her retirement with Captain Caroline Howard her Commanding Officer.

Following the end of an era, he returned to his home husband who became an Engineer on the mining world Gegimp grew up on they discussed having children... actually children they would like one or two they agreed and informed their family's they were expecting via surrogate while Gegimp was transferred to the Republic as her Diplomatic Officer.
It was calling now he was expecting a baby his husband kept him up to date with the scans and its health but he couldn't believe how happy he was. He was married to his best friend and now having a baby with him that was spectacular from him during his role he worked with other races from all different societies and cultures he often took shore leave whenever possible to see his Daughter and his Husband. He also was told via the First Officer he would make a fine Captain and offered to put his name down for the Bridge Officer test he thought it over a span of 3 days with his Husband the negatives outweighed the proves he thought but he wanted to make his family proud and that's what he intended to do when he walked into that exam room nailing the test and getting promoted.

Gegimp later applied to the USS Explorer the status of his application is unknown...
Service Record 3186 - Present
USS Explorer
Chief Diplomatic Officer & Second Officer
Lieutenant Commander - Present

Took Bridge Officer test and passed, received promotion to Lieauntant Commander

3180 - 3186
USS Republic
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Lieutenant - Lieutenant Commander

3175 - 3180
USS Caroline
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade - Lieutenant

3170 - 3175
USS Caroline
Aissasnt Chief Diplomatic Officer
Ensign - Lieutenant Junior Grade

3166 - 3170
Starfleet Academy
Major Diplomacy
Cadet - Ensign