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Lieutenant Terra Sefu

Name Terra Sefu

Position Chief Security/Tactial Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El Aurian
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Has a slim figure, well toned body. Scar across her abdomen from a knife injury. Some other small scars from younger life on Viccit.


Father Biological: UNKNOWN/ Adoptive: Sefu, Ejun (DECEASED)
Mother Biological: UNKNOWN/ Adoptive: Sefu, Oniaye (DECEASED)
Brother(s) Biological: UKNOWN

Defin, Caitian Male (Close Friend)
Sister(s) Biological: UNKNOWN

Personality & Traits

General Overview Terra is loyal to a fault and always backs her friends up in any situation. She loves with all her heart but still can take a while to trust. She can be a little rough around the edges from how she was brought up but she is learning to adapt to the life she now has.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Highly Adaptable
+ Resilient/Versatile
+ Brave/Courageous

+/- Will speak her mind

- Can sometimes act before she thinks
- Can find it hard to trust
- Hates looking weak
Ambitions To find out what happened to her real parents.
Find out more about her species as a whole.
Hobbies & Interests Terra has been known to gamble a bit, drink a bit but that is what she used to do on Viccit and she has found those habits hard to shake. She has an interest in fitness and fighting techniques but also more delicate things such as a good book and the history of the galaxy as they know it.

Personal History Terra never knew her parents. This is the sad fact of most people within the Emerald Chains domain. She was born on Viccit, an outlying mining world owned by the Chain, one in which they tried to find dilithium deep down under the crust of the world. Sometimes they struck blue gold, others well… there were more accidents due to failures than parties thrown for successes.

Terra had been told her parents had been on Viccit, had her and then disappeared. Whether that be through nefarious means, or they simply left because they wanted too Terra never knew. She was taken in by two Bajoran’s, her adoptive father Sefu Ejun and adoptive mother Sefu Oniaye. Her new parents.

They had both been placed in the mine for failure to pay what they owed to the Emerald Chain, that could mean anything as they maintained they had been couriers that simply displeased their leader. So, they were forced into slave labour by the Orions much like most others who were offered protection, shelter, and food for a modest fee of lifetime servitude and pain. Who could turn that down?

Her parents tried to keep Terra safe from the dangers of the world. Mostly the guards did not care what happened as long as quotas were met, and work continued. Terra does remember one story of her father getting his nose broken for asking for a little more food for her, but he didn’t talk about it often as to not make Terra feel bad. They taught her a lot, how to read and write, about their religion but most of all they never lied to her. She knew she wasn’t there’s, that was evident by the lack of nose ridges. She was told she was El Aurian and that was about all the information she had.

At the age of 11 both Terra’s parents died in a mine collapse, and she was left alone, to fend for herself. A child amongst predators. Everyone was out for themselves, mostly. To see what they could take, what they could bargain with for leverage, anything to survive another day.

Terra had been taught how to look after herself for the most part but there was not much a blonde haired blue eyed eleven-year-old female with hardly any upper body strength could do but hide and steal to survive.

There were gangs on Viccit, small cliques of people that huddled together for protection. None of which would take in young mouths with nothing to gain from it. So, Terra ended up finding other children like her and they formed their own little survival group. Some knew how to fight, how to fend off the attempts from others to steal, to hurt and there was more than one attempt on the females of the group.

Her saviour, Defin, a Caitian, acted like her big brother and protected them all. He was large, agile and ginger. A regular fluffy fighting machine.

By the ages of 13 they would be used in the mines and thus so was Terra. She had shown a small aptitude for being able to fit into small places, her flexibility utilised on more than one occasion to mine more difficult spots but sadly she had a bit of a mouth on her and would often meet the wrong end of a baton or face punishment in the form of beatings or solitary confinement. This lasted for many years until the age of 19 when a ship was seen in the skies of Viccit.

The USS Liberator as it was ironically named.

A Federation starship, a Starfleet vessel. She’d heard only stories of this group of people who fought for justice, for equality and knowledge but she never thought she’d ever see one.

The camp was freed from the clutches of the Emerald Chain and those within it given relocation and protection should they want it. Terra took the chance to leave with open arms, she’d often watched the sky at night and dreamed of something more.

Defin and some of the others chose to leave as well.

After Terra cleaned herself up, was given a clean bill of health (after a few treatments) she asked to join Starfleet or asked what that entailed. So, she took their tests and found herself meeting their criteria.

At the age of 23 she had gone through the Academy, Defin had been by her side throughout, and she was posted to the USS Bishop as a Security Officer.

On the Bishop they skirmished with the Chain often, Terra’s skills always sharp enough to keep her alive and that of those she protected. She helped protect the first officer on an away mission on Docum IV. An Andorian had made a charge at him with a knife, but Terra spotted it and skilfully disarmed him before he injured her XO. She took a slight nick herself across her abdomen and still has the scar but was happy to have not lost a life.

Her XO, Brendan Kelso was later promoted to Captain of the USS Orkney and asked if she wanted to come along with him. That impression she had made clearly doing her some favours.

She agreed and was assigned as its Assistant Chief of Security and Tactical Officer. It was here she stayed until one fateful mission led to the destruction of the Orkney with most of her crew. They had been travelling through an uncharted sector and came across an anomaly invisible to their sensors. It caught them, trapped them and battered their ship from all sides causing catastrophic damage in a short space of time.

During the evacuation the bridge sustained severe damage and both the XO and Captain were trapped. She had to decide on who she could save. Brandon told her, ordered her to save the Captain. She refused, that was until he pulled a phaser on her and told her he’d shoot her if she didn’t do what he had said. He’d always been stubborn.

Reluctantly, and with no real choice, she saved her unconscious Captain, her body itself reeling from a broken arm and got her into an escape pod on the side of the ship able to launch them. 20% of the crew survived.

That day still haunts her, the nightmares, the screams but every day she pushes through.

After some rehab, and counselling, she was assigned to the USS Explorer as its Chief Security/Tactical Officer.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Security Track
USS Bishop - Security Officer
USS Orkney - Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Explorer - Chief Security/Tactical Officer