USS Explorer

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Mission Brief

Posted on Tue Jan 11th, 2022 @ 10:49am by Captain Poko Dimlac & Commander Emko Xasx & Lieutenant Terra Sefu & Lieutenant JG Gegimp

Mission: Prelude: Ship Shape
Location: Conference Lounge

After speaking with Admiral Vance, Captain Dimlac called an emergency mission brief with his senior staff, well, with what senior staff he had. He walked into the conference lounge and headed straight for the replicator. He wanted to order a bottle Kanar and retire to his quarters but duty called. He settled for a Bajoran coffee with extra cream and headed for his seat at the head of the table.

Without much time to settle in Terra had been summoned with the rest of the current senior staff members on board. She had been scouting a little around the ship, getting to know the Explorer and getting herself squared away. Upon entering the conference room she smiled at the Captain. "Peldor joi, Captain." She said before getting herself a raktajino with extra cream too before sitting near the top but a seat or two down.

Gegimp had entered the room shortly after Terra had entered but unlike her, he had brought a PADD and a cup of something hot and steamy he noticed the Captain's presence and nodded towards him before sitting down and continued to read his PADD

"Good morning, Lieutenant. How are you settling in?" He asked before taking a sip of his coffee.

Terra smiled at the Ferengi, "Fine thank you, Lieutenant. Getting my bearings but am quite happy for a change of surroundings. How are you finding the ship?" She asked.

Tugging on his grey uniform tunic, Commander Emko Xasx entered the room next. The First Officer and recent transplant, Emko nodded politely to the crew after coming in as he approached the table. Taking a seat on the opposite end of the table, he greeted the crew, "My apologies for being late. I am still getting used to the ship and got lost near Turboshaft 8." He was a bit more old school than most he knew in this era. Instead of beaming everywhere he still liked to walk around. He also wished he still had his people'e telepathy when he said such things just to know what people thought by what he said.

"Not a problem, Commander. Please take a seat, I think we're waiting for Lieutenant H'Mesint then we can begin." Poko replied with a curt nod.

"Alright, now that we are all here let's begin." Captain Dimlac said sitting forward and resting his arms on the table. "Admiral Vance has confirmed that Emerald Chain ships are rallying near Kaminar. It's an odd play by the Chain as that system doesn't really have any real value to them.

"The Admiral is sending us along with several other ships to make sure they play nicely. I have been told that we are expecting trouble from them but wasn't told why." Poko paused for a moment an grumbled at the lack of information. "I realise that we are undermanned but we need to be ready to leave within the hour."

"I understand our need to protect those on Kaminar Captain, but surely sending many of us when we are stretched thin in the region is a little like 'putting all our eggs in one basket' as Humans say. I worry this may be a distraction'." Terra opened up with.

The Captain nodded, "I agree on both counts. Kaminar should be protected but at the same time sending so many ships seems risky."

Commander Xasx looked at the information that displayed on his HoloPADD about the mission. Kaminar was a far bit away from them and had very limited strategic value. It did not make much sense that the Chain would want to go after it at the moment especially because they knew that it would draw Starfleet to the region and potentially lead to open conflict between the two. "Why do I suddenly have the feeling our cold war is about to become a very warm one?"

"Indeed. This is an odd play for the Emerald Chain. However, I feel we aren't getting the full picture of Admiral Vance." Dimlac replied. He looked towards his Chief of Security. "Lieutenant Terra, do we know how strong the Chain are in this Sector?"

"We have scattered intelligence in the area, nothing solid." Terra replied with some annoyance. "There are reports of Chain operations on several planets outside our protection. Patrols are frequent and there has be increased presence around the Kaminar system but they have not entered it just yet. Maybe they are building themselves up." she suggested.

"Doubtful. They're up to something," the Betazoid answered as he sat across from them. He wondered, inwardly, if it had something to do with that Kelpien they had seen meandering through Starfleet Headquarters recently. There had been so few Kelpiens seen in the Federation since the Burn that it was showstopping to run into him. "We need to get on the road though before they move against them. It's a long trip to Kaminar."

"Indeed." Dimlac paused for a moment. What were the Chain up to? Why was Admiral Vance being vague with details? The Cardassian Captain didn't like the mission at all but orders were orders. "Alright, if there isnt anything else to discuss then we leave with the fleet in an hour."

Poko glanced around the table, with no one coming forward to say anything he rose to his feet. "Dismissed."


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