USS Explorer


Setting Off

Posted on Tue Mar 1st, 2022 @ 2:32pm by Captain Poko Dimlac & Commander Emko Xasx & Lieutenant Terra Sefu & Lieutenant JG Gegimp & Lieutenant Catisa

Mission: Prelude: Ship Shape
Location: Bridge

Captain Dimlac strode onto the bridge adjusting his uniform jacket. He was pleased to be finally getting back out into space again. "What's our status, Commander Xasx?" He asked as he approached the command chair.

The First Officer had been working at his Station reviewing the operational characteristics of the Constitution Class vessel when his Captain had returned. The young Betazoid looked away from the keyboard, "Final personnel have arrived aboard and are arriving at their duty stations, Captain. Dock control reports that we are ready, Sir and yard command is signalling we are clear to depart, Sir." He brought up the holographic display, set to private mode, and typed on the panel.

"Excellent." Dimlac replied as he took his seat. "All departments check in."

From his workstation, Commander Xasx listened as the various crewmembers checked in to share their readiness. He was very eager to get going to see what was happening at Kaminar.

"Security is ready sir, some teams are prepping for a possible planet side mission to Kaminar if need be. Tactical also ready, all systems checked and we have a full armament of torpedoes checked and stowed." Terra spoke with confidence from her station. She always liked to be the first to report, got it out of the way and gave her a chance to listen to others without that dreaded 'trying to get a word in' feeling.

"Excellent. Lieutenant's H'Mesint and Gegimp?" Dimlac asked looking at both officers one after another.

"My team is ready Captain," Gegimp replied "We are predicting outcomes for all scenarios, all state a 47% chance of us succeeding diplomatically."

The First Officer of the ship watched as the turbolift doors slid open to show two new personnel stepping on the Bridge, Ensigns Capp and Powers. He nodded politely to them as they came inside the Bridge of the Constitution Class starship. "Ensign Powers if you could please bring the Universal Translators to full power."

Ensign Powers sat down at her workstation and imputed the correct commands. "Translation matrix online Captain," She reported, running a hand down the side of her uniform. She had a hard time reining in her emotions because she was excited to start the mission.

"Thank you, Ensign Powers." The Cardassian replied.

Emko did not answer since she had directed her comments to the Captain. Instead, he looked at his controls and opened a channel to Sickbay, "Bridge to Doctor Catisa."

The Garidian Medical Officer answered the call, "Sickbay here, Commander. What can I do for you?"

"Status please, Doctor?"

"The Engineers have finally got this place the way that I like it. Only took a week. I'm ready to go when you are."

The Betazoid nodded, "Hopefully we won't need your services too quickly. Bridge Out." He closed the channel and looked to his Captain, "Sickbay's ready."

"I think we are ready to depart." Dimlac said as he gave his uniform a small tug. "Lieutenant Daniels, power up the engines."

"Aye, sir. Impulse engines are coming online and thrusters are warming up." Dainels replied from the conn.

Captain Dimlac nodded his satisfaction. "Very well, Lieutenant. Take us out and line up with the task force heading for Kaminar."

"Understood, sir. Taking us out." Daniels replied as his hands moved quietly over his console.

The Explorer gracefully turned and headed to exit the energy field which kept Starfleet Headquarters safe and secure.