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Arriving at the Kaminar System

Posted on Mon Jun 13th, 2022 @ 10:12pm by Lieutenant JG Terra Sefu & Commander Emko Xasx & Lieutenant Teh'dri Caix & Ensign Aqua Powers & Lieutenant Catisa
Edited on on Tue Jun 14th, 2022 @ 10:11am

Mission: Kaminar
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD1 - 1330 Hours

Captain Dimlac strode onto the bridge from his ready room after hearing the call they'd arrived at Kaminar. "Do we have any Emerald Chain ships on sensor?" He asked as he headed towards his chair.

Ensign Powers put a hand to the blue and white earpiece in her left ear, listening intently for any transmissions. All was quiet...except for a strange buzzing sound at the edge of her hearing. She readjusted the earpiece's frequency, but the buzz remained. In fact, it got louder. "Captain? I have some kind of...YOWCH!!!" Powers threw her earpiece across the Bridge as the buzz turned into a earsplittingly shrill cacophony of sound. She held her ear, growling out a few choice Cardassian insults, not having any in Talaxian that seemed appropriate for what had happened. Powers stood to retrieve her earpiece..."FIZZLE! CRACKLE! BUBBLE! BUBBLE!" Her earpiece disintegrated.

Commander Xasx turned away from his workstation, taking quick note of the Ensign and her rapidly disintegrating ear piece, "Ensign are you well? Do I need to have Doctor Catisa come up here?"

"What happened? Some sort of malfunction?" Dimlac asked, a frown on his face and a hint of concern in his voice.

Ensign Powers slowly took her hand away from her was covered in blood. "Yes, Commander Xasx, I think Doctor Castisa would be a good idea. I'm not sure, Captain. I was listening for any transmissions, but all I heard was a buzzing sound. I thought the earpiece was on the wrong frequency, so I tried adjusting it, but then the buzzing went almost hypersonic," She explained, shivering as she looked at the smoking remains of the earpiece. "Oh no! My uniform's a wreck!" She thought, glancing down at the splatters on her otherwise pristine uniform.

"Get Doctor Castisa up here, number one." Dimlac said turning to look at his first officer.

The Executive Officer sent the message to Sickbay ordering the Garidian Medical officer to join them on the Bridge.

"Lieutenant Terra, anything out there that could cause this?" The Cardassian asked turning to look at his tactical officer.

Terra had watched 'the show' with interest, worry and concern. Looking down at her console she saw very little at first glance. "One moment sir." she said as she began to swipe information to one side and gather some more to bring it into view.

"I am detecting what looks like a small beacon, potentially a satellite or probe in orbit of Kaminar. It seems to be emitting some sort of jamming signal, quite an intense one." she reported.

The Betazoid First Officer brought up the image on his own screens, "Does this look like Chain technology, Kelpien, or even Ba'ul?"

Dimlac nodded his approval of his first officers question and looked at his security chief awaiting the answer.

"Technological markers are not consistent with the Ba'ul or the Kelpians. Getting a deeper scan now." Terra reported as the sensors worked their magic. "I believe it to be Chain technology Commander. It's signature is marginally different, but still enough to match to their tech."

Garidian Doctor Catisa beamed onto the Bridge of the Explorer carrying a medical kit in her left hand. Quickly approaching the Ensign at Communications, she activated the medical scanner and began an analysis. Resembling a blonde Romulan, she pleasantly asked, "What happened?"

"I was checking for Communications signals, and my earpiece started buzzing. I thought it just wasn't tuned properly, so I tried adjusting it, and the buzzing went almost hypersonic," Ensign Powers replied, doing her best to hold still and not fiddle with her uniform.

Doctor Catisa adjusted the settings on her medical tricorder and initiated a full scan of the young Ensign. The Garidian checked the readings and injected the Ensign with a medication, "That should help."

"Sir," Terra spoke to the Captain, "the satellite looks to be turning to face us. I think it is trying to scan us..."

"Raise the shields Lieutenant." Poko ordered as his eyes narrowed as he looked at the view screen. "Can you tell if its of Kelpian or Ba'ul design?"

Terra moved her hands across the holodisplay that was her tactical console. She raised shields and focussed her scans on the make up of the satellite now aggressively scanning them. "It looks to be Ba'ul, Captain. Its design is however slightly different from what we have seen before. It might be a hybrid of Kelpian and Ba'ul tech, or possible an integration of Chain tech previously unseen by Starfleet."

"Hail Kaminar, Lieutenant. Lets see if they can shed some light on the satellite. Any sudden changes don't keep it yourself." The Cardassian said.

"I wont sir." Terra replied as she opened the channel. "Hailing frequencies open Captain."

"This is Captain Poko Dimlac of the Federation starship Explorer. Does the satellite currently in Kaminar's orbit anything to do with the Kelpeian or Ba'ul people?" He asked as he rose from his seat and took a step forward.

A few moments later a hologram of a male Kelpian appeared at the front of the bridge. "Welcome to Kaminar, Captain Dimlac. Thank you for coming. I'm Issu and I speak on behalf of the Kaminar council. The satellite you speak of has nothing to do with our people. It has been causing communication problems for our planet since it arrived shortly after the Emerald Chain task force arrived at the outer edge of the system."

"Have they done anything else while they've been there? Military manoeuvres or any other threatening behaviour?" The Cardassian asked.

The Kelpian took a moment to think before slowly shaking his head. "No, the satellite is the only action they've taken against Kaminar."

"Thank you for your assistance, Councillor, ill be in touch once we've resolved the situation." Dimlac replied before turning to head towards his chair. "Thoughts, number one?" He asked as the Councillors hologram faded into the thin air.

"It doesn't make much sense," the Betazoid answered from his seat. "The satellite is their only action against the planet? I think that this may be a diversion, to get our attention."

"I think he's lying." Terra muttered to herself rather quietly. The hesitance of the Kelpian and the calmness of him made her think twice about his sincerity.

"Something on your mind, Lieutenant Terra?" Dimlac asked turning to his tactical officer. He wanted his senior staff to express themselves openly.

"Not to speak out of place Captain, but I believe he is lying..." she said bringing up an image of the Kelpian Councillor. "When you mention the satellite to him he has said it has caused communication problems since its arrival but as soon as we hail them, immediate answer." she said making a small frowning face. "And look, he is as calm as can be. If I had a satellite above my world not of my own making I'd at least be concerned. He seemed unfazed by it, and the pause before answering... with the combined force of themselves and the Ba'ul they could have taken that probe out without breaking a sweat."

"Perhaps they didn't want to provoke the Emerald Chain?" Replied Dimlac with a rhetorical question. "Help is too far away these days to make such a drastic action. However, I prefer the direct approach. Lieutenant Terra, target the satellite with phasers."

Terra took in Dimlac's words but in her mind the Kelpian could still have told them the whole truth. Keeping things from people can often lead to mistakes down the road.

"Phasers locked on target Captain." she replied simply and awaited the final word.

So far Commander Emko Xasx had been pretty quiet on the Bridge as he soaked in everything that was going on around them. He hadn't said much because he was far more interested in hearing what the others thought about the situation and the actions of this atypical satellite that they'd located. While Betazoid he, unlike the rest of his brethren, had lost the psionic abilities that his people were so well known for. He could not read the mind of the Kelpien - or even get an empathic feeling for that matter - because of childhood trauma. He almost wished he could do a reading for the Captain to try to get things better under control and for a few answers. Regardless, he knew one thing despite everything, and that was they needed to hold off on being too provocative.

"I recommend that we hold off on taking tactical action for the moment, Captain," the XO interjected after the Security Chief's declaration. "We would only provoke the Chain and the Federation cannot handle a wide spread conflict."

"Thank you, Doctor. It...Captain! Helm just went dark!" Ensign Powers had been listening quietly while waiting for Doctor Catisa to finish her diagnosis and was rubbing her arm from the shot, when she glanced down at her instrument panel just as it went dark. She glanced at the Captain...just as another earsplitting shriek filled the Bridge. "What is with the ear attacks?" Ensign Powers thought, slamming her hands over her still sore ear.

The Garidian Medical Officer had been packing up the MedKit when the earsplitting shriek filled the Bridge. The Doctor looked at the Communications Specialist, "By the Lawgiver! Think that you can shut that damned thing off?"

"Yes, Ensign. Give that thing a rest for now until we can solve this problem." Poko said glancing at the Ensign before turning back to his first officer. "I'm prodding, seeing if i can get a reaction from whoever the probe belongs too." He replied with a smirk. "I'm not that stupid, yet."

As the XO it was his job to support the Captain and his decisions, but he wanted to protest the risk to the Federation and its security. If this with badly then the Emerald Chain could take it as an act of war. He could only agree, "Very well, Sir." At least he knew the Captain was already looking for his replacement.

"Lieutenants Terra and Caix, anything on your sensors?" Dimlac asked.

"There has been an increase in Chain traffic at the outer edge of the system. It is possible our targeting the probe has caught their attention... which does mean they are monitoring us." Terra spoke.

Teh'dri had been pouring over her sensors, unable to make heads or tails of the device. It's behavior seemed strangely limited for its size, merely creating comms interference. The fact that Helm had suddenly suffered a systems failure started her mind racing though, connecting the various pieces of data they had on the device. She'd been about to use the Scientific Sensor array to run an intensive scan when a slight flicker of her screen caught her eye. One eyebrow raised in surprise, then the other followed as realization came over her. She swiped aggressively at her holo-controls, immediately cutting off the scan.

"Captain, I think we need cut off our scans immediately. Or at minimum engage the ECM suite. I believe that device is attempting to disable or distract us," Lt. Caix said, turning to face the center chair. "The Chain placed it in orbit knowing we would investigate. Given the interference it has caused to our systems and the Emerald Chain force lurking nearby, logic suggests that this could be a trap." Her Vulcan-esque deliver broke a little as she gazed out the window at the device. "Like a lure in front of the predator's maw."

Ensign Powers kept one eye on the view screen and the other on Helm. Something BIG was going on, and she had a gut feeling that it was NOT going to be a good thing. Thankfully during the chaos, the shot the Doctor had given her had kicked in and her ear had stopped throbbing and the only blood left was just a little crust below her ear, which she quickly removed. "These guys sure like to play dirty. I wonder what else they have up their sleeves?" she thought, resisting the urge to look at her Captain. "Why are you looking at Helm, Aqua? Your place is LANGUAGE, NOT Helm!" Aqua shook her head, thankful that the vocal attack had stopped on it's own, but wondering if she COULD have done anything about it if she had had to. "Just calm down, Aqua. You EARNED this position, and you deserve to be here. Remember that, do YOUR job, and all will be well," Aqua took a calming breath, then put the new earpiece carefully in her left ear silently hoping nothing else would happen, but feeling in the pit of her stomach that something probably would.

Captain Dimlac carefully listened to his officers as they spoke, taking in all the information he was given. His first instinct would be to destroy the device and see what would happen, just that could lead to an open conflict with the Emerald chain and results in many Federation casualties. "Thoughts, number one?" He asked at length.

"Nothing good, Captain," the Betazoid answered from his workstation. "The Chain is obviously attempting to distract us from some other target, something more to the point of their needs at this moment. I am inclined to agree with our Science Officer that this is a trap of some sort. Though, I question if we are the true target of their desires." He brought up the scans for himself on the holoscreen, "Using this probe to do their dirty work is not outside of their playbook, but they normally would've revealed themselves by now. Instead they're still just playing around waiting for us to take the bait." He tapped at the screen, "While Intelligence is sketchy these days, Headquarters was inclined to believe that the Cerulean was operating in this area. So far we haven't seen hide nor hair of it. We haven't seen any of their fleet for that matter."

"Options number one? My first instinct is to blow that probe out of the sky and see if that provokes a reaction." Dimlac's bate for the Emerald Chain was fairly well known. Hed rather use his weapons first when it came to dealing with them.

"Destroy it and we risk provoking war with the Chain if it is theirs," the XO answered succinctly. "Leave it alone we continue to miss their real target."

"Perhaps a compromise then," the Science Officer spoke up. "A modulated Deflector Pulse might be enough to temporarily overload its transmitters without destroying it. We could then send a shuttle team to more safely ascertain what exactly this device is used for."

Dimlac glanced at his science officer before looking back at his first officer. "Seems we have a winner, number one. Get to it Lieutenant Caix."

The Betazoid that lacked the telepathy and empathy the species was known for merely nodded, "Indeed."

Teh'dri simply nodded, inputing the necessary controls at her terminal. After a few brief moments, an orange notice appeared in front of her. "Deflector Pulse primed and ready on your command, Captain."

"Captain! That sound's starting up again!" Aqua called, quickly removing the earpiece and killing Comms as the sound reverberated through the Bridge again, thankfully at a lower frequency with Comms turned off. Aqua's fingers franticly flittered over the controls, searching for a way to completely remove the noise...and failing miserably. "Come on, Aqua! Get a grip! This is...wait! Yes! Phew! I think I can keep it out permanently now, Captain," Aqua had been thinking through the problem, then hit several keys in quick succession, bringing blissful silence to the Bridge. Only a blinking light on her console attested to the sound's presence.

"Do it, Lieutenant!" Dimlac barked as he stood from his seat and made his way over to the comms station. "You ok, Ensign Powers?" The Cardassian asked concerned.

"Yes Sir. My fur's a little ruffled, but other than that, I'm okay. I just hope this tuffless carp doesn't keep pulling the same trick...Ah ha! That's it! I think I have an idea about how to give them a taste of their own medicine! Permission to start tinkering, Captain?" Aqua was almost bouncing in her seat as the solution crystalized in her mind.

"Permission granted, Ensign." Dimlac said with a nod before returning to his chair.

From the CONN, Commander Xasx glanced back at the Science Officer, "Any news, Chief?" He hated asking such a pointed question, but he was worried about what the Chain was up to. They could very easily be setting the Federation up.

An audible charge emitted throughout the room followed by a brief chirp of the commands as Lt. Caix initiated the Deflector Pulse. The bright orange beam surged out from under the Explorer's saucer, lancing at the satellite that hung a brief distance away. The impact of the pulse was immediate. "Deflector Pulse has struck, Captain. All systems appear inactive." She swiveled to face the Captain. "I believe it is disabled, sir."

Emko brought up sensor data on the flight control panel, cross referencing with the navigational sensors to see if there were any changes in the nearby territories that they needed to be aware of. There still had been no evidence of the Chain operating in the area, but that didn't mean much due to their Cloaking technology. Typing quickly at the panel, the Betazoid looked at the Operations officer next to him. "Ensign, ensure that the Science Officer has all the power needed for their scans, please."

The young Bolian nodded, "I'm keeping a close eye on the power distributions."

The Science Officer rose to her feet to address the center chair. "Our disruption field appears to be holding, but we cannot certain how long the effect will hold. With your permission, I would like to bring Ensign Powers aboard the shuttle with me to assist with the interfacing. I would prefer not to take any combat critical positions should the situation change."

Xasx turned away from the Flight Control Station and looked at the Captain after hearing the proposal of the Science Officer. He was curious what his Cardassian Captain would decide to do in this instance. It was a very problematic play, but not much with the Chain wasn't problematic. He knew where he stood with this particular situation though, "It's worth a try."

"THUMP! Ow. You want me to come with you Ma'am? Sweet!" Aqua whispered the last word, excitement making her fur tingle. She had slipped under her console to do some final tinkering, (at the Academy she had had several engineering friends give her pointers on basic engineering) and was slightly caught off guard by the Science Officer wanting her assistance.

After the Captain had given them the permission to proceed, before they could leave the room the entire ship shook dramatically as a subspace disturbance impacted the ship, knocking out consoles and causing the lights to flicker. Commander Xasx had been knocked away from the Helm, the Betazoid's head hitting the small step that rose to the Captain's isolated chair. Blood lightly came from the wound, the Doctor was already by his side.

"You'll be fine," Catissa said as she ran the medical tool over his open wound. "Little to the left and you'd need emergency surgery though."

The Betazoid had noticed that the Captain had also been injured. He pointed, "Doctor, the Captain."

"I'll see to him," the Garidian immediately went to work, beaming herself and the Captain to Sickbay.

Emko looked around the Bridge, "What the Hell just happened?"

"Sensors show we were just hit by a large subspace pulse, Commander." A rather green around the gills science officer spoke from the rear of the bridge.

"Chief, get me a casualty report from all decks," he said looking at their Security Chief.

"All decks reporting in intermittently, Commander!" Terra shouted above the alert klaxons. "We have serious injuries across the ship, most seem to be minor at the moment but I'll keep you up to date once more have come in."

"Ensign," he called out next, "Hail Federation Headquarters. I want to speak with Admiral Vance about what's going on."

Powers' hands flew over the controls. "Hailing frequency open, Commander," Powers gulped a little, a LOT had happened in a very short time. "Come on, Aqua! Get it together!" Powers whispered to herself, smoothing her fur and focusing on the view screen.

The Executive Officer crossed his arms as he looked at the displays of space nearby, "One good thing came from all this. The pulse forced the ships that we had with us under cloak to decloak. That must mean the Chain isn't out here. Opinions?"

"I would agree Commander." Terra spoke up as she fixed a stray strand of hair behind her rather now unkept appearance. "I suggest we withdraw back to Federation Headquarters. There appears to be no need for us to be here, the longer we stay the more chance we might hit another subspace pulse."

There was a small conversation, a quick conversation, and it was decided the need to withdraw was necessary. With that being set the Explorer set off back to Federation one for minor repairs and evaluation of what had happened.

Then there were injuries to contend with, Captain Dimlac did not look in a good state when beamed to Sickbay.

Only time would tell what the outcome would be for many of the injured but getting them back to safety within the protective field of Federation Headquarters was now a priority. If the Chain, or anyone else attacked, they would be easier prey in their current condition.

With a hop, skip, and a jump, they were away.


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