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Revolving Door

Posted on Sun Oct 2nd, 2022 @ 11:38am by Captain Hastios Patton & Commander Emko Xasx

Mission: Prelude Mk 2 (Soft Reboot)
Location: XO's Quarters, USS Explorer
Timeline: MD05 - 1900 Hours

Commander Emko Xasx sat on the couch in his cabin aboard the Explorer scrolling through the newsfeeds on his TriCOMM. Osyraa had been killed aboard the Discovery and the entire Emerald Chain was now in disarray. Starfleet was deploying forces to shore up the border, but several border planets that had been former Federation members had already reached out with diplomatic overtures. Things were shaping up.

Flicking through the different screens, Xasx checked his messages. His assignment to the Explorer was temporary, but with everything that had happened at Kaminar the Betazoid had agreed to remain aboard to assist with the transition. Glancing through the messages he was happy to see that the Captain of the Nog had sent him a message. He was about to check it when he heard the door chime.

Closing his messages he called out, "Enter."

Hastios felt like he was doing the rounds, meeting his team on board the Explorer but he wasn't one for meeting in the ready room. He had been told that Commander Xasx was staying on board after the incident at Kaminar and he just had to meet the man he would be working closely with for the foreseeable.

He entered the room, turning slightly as he found the doorways always quite narrow, and smiled at the man. "Commander Xasx, Captain Patton." he introduced himself.

"Hello Captain," the Betazoid answered as he stood. Realizing he wasn't wearing a shirt, the Commander quickly put on an off-duty fatigue that was laying over the back of a chair, "I apologize for my attire, Sir, I wasn't expecting company this late in the day. Was there something wrong?"

"Don't be silly, Commander. It is your quarters, no need to apologise for dressing how you feel comfortable." he addressed the man in front. He looked familiar, maybe they had worked together before... they felt like they could fight crime together already.

"There is nothing wrong. I was just meeting a few of my senior staff... this is the part of transferring to a new vessel that I like to do quickly. I'm not a fan of constant ready room chats. Starfleet still hasn't built a chair comfortable enough to sit in for that long a time."

The Commander noted the hawkish features of the Explorer's new Captain as he reached forward and pressed a control, forcing a new chair to form out of the programmable matter that formed so much of the Federation's vessels in the modern era. "I won't deny that the chairs are a bit of a nuisance every now and then. You can program them however you want though to make up for any deficits that you don't like." He looked underneath as the chair appeared to float in mid-air, "But I will never get used to that."

"This is true." Hastios said taking a seat, the weight of his body pushing it down ever so slightly but it still maintained airborne. "I just don't think I am built for sitting too often." he added before agreeing with Xasx. "Yes, the lack of a support structure did give me pause a lot in the beginning. Some things people just don't need to change... but tell me Commander, how are you after the last mission? The events at Kaminar have shaken a few..."

The Commander answered quickly, but honestly, "I'm fine with it and how it turned out. I'm only glad that the Mitchell was able to conclude the mission on our behalf and help the people of Kaminar." It was only half of the answer in a way, but it was honest. He was certain that the Captain was probably really wanting to know his thoughts about what happened to the Captain. While he had many thoughts about what had happened there too, he wasn't exactly ready to share them with anyone. That was his prerogative.

"Yes, it was quite lucky they were so close. Given our new found source of dilithium it does give us a little more scope to reach those in need." Hastios replied. He did sense a holding back but he had learned not to press. He knew if it was pertinent Xasx would speak to him. "I am hoping our next trip wont be as destructive towards the Explorer and her crew."

He nodded, "I am hoping the same, Captain. So, have you heard anything about Starfleet's plans for me for after the mission? My understanding is they are sending me back to the Nog after this upcoming mission."

"That is my understanding at the moment." Hastios replied. "We are shockingly low on First Officers at the moment. Experience within the fleet is rather finite and I am hoping some candidates present themselves." he added. It was, of course, his intention to evaluate and hopefully recruit Xasx to the Explorer although that would remain with him.

"Did you receive you the mission brief?" Hastios asked.

Reaching for the Tricom he made a fist then an open palm motion to activate the built in holoPADD. He brought up the mission brief, "Apologies, Captain, I'm afraid I only just received it and haven't had the time to start reading through it yet." It was still marked as unread on his screen, the privacy cover would be on the side facing the Captain though. He tapped on the indicator for the message, quickly scrolling.

Hastios raised his large paw as he waved away the mans need for an apology. "That's alright Commander, I know you'd have read it before the briefing tomorrow." he paused as he saw Xasx scroll his eyes across the page, the words reflecting in his eyes.

"We have received a distress call from the USS Attenborough. a pre-Burn ship. HQ thought it destroyed in the Burn and we haven't heard a sound from it for over 100 years but..." he gestured to the tricom. "There you have it. Intermittent distress call coming in and out of range."

Pressing a control a replica of the Attenborough appeared before him and rotated, "It wouldn't be a bad thing for us to be able to recover another pre-Burn ship, especially now. With the fallout of Discovery being captured, Osyraa killed during the recovery, and the potential fallout for the Chain of losing their leader they could take things one of two ways. They could sue for peace or they could choose to invade. Depends too on who takes over I suppose."

"Indeed." Hastios replied simply. "The Attenborough is a tough ship. It can take quite a beating so I am optimistic that it is in a fairly good condition, but of course I don't know what has happened to it over the past 100 years or so. I only hope that it is still in one piece... it was holding crucial information. At the time of its apparent destruction one of their engineers was working on a new way to form dilithium. They claimed it would revolutionise how we travel... never did see the light of day as you well know."

He'd heard the stories through his apprenticeships aboard the last of Starfleet's ships. Before the Burn the Federation had made finding an alternative for dilithium a priority. Hundreds of plans were proposed, but only dozens ever made it passed the drafting board. He had not, personally, been familiar about the plans aboard the Attenborough, but he was certain that if Starfleet had made a point of finding the ship, then it had to be more than a simple theory. While they had found the dilithium world they still had a limited supply, and an alternative could come in handy.

"So, when do we leave?"

"The Quartermaster has told me we are taking on some lasts supplies and there are a few stragglers of crew to come on board, but I believe we are to ship out at 0900 tomorrow. I'll call a staff meeting at 0800 to go through things so we are clear on what the mission parameters are." Hastios replied.

The First Officer rose, "So until then, Captain?"

"Until then, Commander." Hastios rose to meet his XO before heading to the door.

Captain Hastios Patton
Commanding Officer

Commander Emko Xasx
Executive Officer / Chief Flight Control Officer


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