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Breaking Bread

Posted on Sun Oct 2nd, 2022 @ 11:40am by Captain Hastios Patton & Lieutenant J'nassa B'lara Re Zanas

Mission: Prelude Mk 2 (Soft Reboot)
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: MD04 - 1300 Hours

J'nassa came into the mess hall for her evening meal. She had selected a grilled fish with a seaweed salad, soup, mixed vegetables and a large coffee. She looked about for an open seat and smiled as she approached a table and stopped next to it. " Good evening Captain Patton. I am Lieutenant J'nassa B'lara Re Zanas, and I am your Chief Security tactical officer. I have been looking forward to meeting you, might I join you at your table please?"

Hastios looked up from his PADD, he had finished his meal already and was quietly sipping his coffee as a voice from above called to him.

"Ah Lieutenant." he said rising from his chair. His momma taught him manners and should always rise in the presence of company, especially female. "Of course, please sit down." he said pulling out her chair as she sat down. He then sat down himself and turned his PADD over, "Welcome on board the Explorer. Are you settling in alright?" he asked.

J'nassa smiled and sat down in the chair. " Thank you Sir, That was most kind of you. " As she spread the napkin across her lap. " And yes I am settling quite nicely thank you. I've almost got my quarters squared away and after that I'll get my office set up and ready to open shop. I just wanted to stop by and get to know the man I'll be working for. " She held out her hand. " It is a pleasure to meet you Captain Patton. "

"Sound like a wise woman, Lt. B'lara. Always get to know the people you work beside, helps build a better team. I am an open book, feel free to ask anything and I'll try and answer if I can." Hastios replied.

"'Well I've been with Starfleet about nine years, I left my home world when the government got oppressive. Outside of work I enjoy things such as baking, gardening and making tea the traditional way. So if you ever have a sweet tooth attack and your near security, feel free to drop by. I also enjoy spending time in the hydroponics garden or the ships atrium. " So how about you? " Sha asked as she stirred her tea. " What fun little interesting facts do you like telling others? "

"I enjoy watching peoples faces when I tell them I have been in Starfleet for almost 200 years." Hastios simply dropped in to answer the question. "Most people assume I am Human by my appearance where as in fact I am nearly 300 years old."

J'nassa did indeed looked surprised when the captain revealed his age." I wouldn't have guessed you to be a day over thirty five years old myself. I will be long dead by the time my three hundredth birthday rolls around. If I am very lucky I might live to be one hundred and forty years old. If I might inquire and it's not to personal of a question, Of what species are you, since you said you weren't human. And now I'm curious. " She stated

"I am El Aurian, or we sometimes go by Kaitosan's, depends who you ask." Hastios nodded to himself. "We can live for a very long time. I have a 3 times great grandmother who was born in 2322 and I believe her to still be alive, although that is only an assumption as no-one has heard for her for over a century now, not since the Burn." he said looked out the window for a moment, almost as if searching for her amongst the stars.

J'nassa nodded in agreement. " The burn made things very difficult for everyone, The galaxy became smaller and meaner. They were no longer looking towards their neighbors amongst the stars and became withdrawn from each other. All these factions rose from the ashes of the Federation and began vying for power amongst themselves, it was truly disheartening to see all the petty fiefdoms war amongst each other. I hope one day that we may be able to reunite the federation to it's former glory. " As she nibbled at her salad while they spoke.

"As do I, Lieutenant." Hastios nodded as he agreed. "I have heard word that Ni'var have spoken positively of potentially re-joining us. Earth is still quite resistant, but we will work on them to bring them back. I have faith we will return to strength, the surprise showing of the USS Discovery has changed a lot of mindsets."

" I am glad to hear that." Stated J'nassa. " At one point in the Federations history we had several hundred species, How many of them will re-join I wonder? Sadly with each planet that fell away we lost abilities, knowledge and strength that each species could provide and make us better as a whole, instead of being fragmented. Do you think we can recover what we have lost as a group Captain and once again become a force for good?"

"That has always been my hope, Lieutenant. I have stayed in Starfleet to bring us back to where we were and push on. The Federation stood for a lot more than a symbol of positivity, but one of change and strength, of protection and safety. It won't be easy, but I know we will get there."

" Thank Captain Patton for those comforting words of hope. I believe that all of us want a return to what the federation was in the past, to be able to protect our own and help those in need. I dream of a place where groups like the Emerald Chain doesn't exist, or gangs and pirates don't prey upon the innocent. that is the dream I long to see. "

"Fortunately the Emerald Chain is collapsing on itself but with a vacuum of that size new powers will rise and take advantage." Hastios said with a sigh. "But, changing subjects. Have you met Lt. Sefu yet?" he asked. "She was temporary CSTO and has chosen to stay with us after their last mission."

" I am pleased to hear that the Emerald Chain is collapsing in on itself, But I also realize the dangers of a power vacuum and the threat that they pose to us. Security will be on guard to ensure that no harm comes to this ship. " J'nassa promised.

"I have no doubt about that." Hastios smiled as his Security Chief spoke with confidence. "Tell me though... I have heard of some other Eldoran's looking to join the fleet. I know you have some history there..." he spoke in relation to her mother. "I hope that will not pose a problem? As always I will have your back as long as you have mine." he said rather seriously.

" Captain Patton, I will always have your back and the best interest of the ship and crew in mind at all times. " J'nassa stated. " But when it comes to other Eldorians serving on this ship, I will take extra time to make sure that they are refugees that truly want to serve in Starfleet's best interest and not members of the secret police either spying or attempting to recover an asset. I need to be certain for my peace of mind. " Her voice dropped to a scared whisper. " I have no desire to be used or controlled by a corrupt government ever again. The thorn princess must never again be used or see the light of day and her memory buried forever. "Her arms crossed and hugged her shoulders and visibly shivered as if suddenly cold. " I would prefer to say no more on that subject in such a public area if you don't mind Captain. It was a very difficult time in my life for me, one that changed me forever. It has taken a lot of work and the universe is starting to show me it's colors again and the pain has subsided to where I can be myself again. " She blushed like a schoolgirl. " I'm sorry Captain, that response was less then professional, and I didn't mean to burden you with my problem. I am working with a counselor and getting the issue resolved. I promise you that it will not be an issue in the performance of my duties. " She said with strength returning to her voice.

"I appreciate your candour Lieutenant and I wouldn't push you any further if that is your wish." Hastios replied. He knew she was loyal, he just wanted her to know he had her back as well. "I encourage you to be honest with me. I do not consider honesty unprofessional and one day if I can help unburden you in a more practical manner then I will be happy to do so." he said with a small pause. "At the moment there are no plans to have any other Eldorians on the Explorer and should one be proposed, I will let you know first."

J'nassa looked up, her eyes grateful for the Captain's words. " Thank you, Captain Patton, I appreciate your kindness and consideration for my personal welfare and state of mind. Once I become a little more comfortable with it, I shall tell you the entire story if you want to hear it. But there is still work to be done and progress to be made before that can occur. I thank you for being patient with me and allowing me to seek out the path where I know that I can grow and serve the ship with all my skill and dedication that I hold for this crew and the ideals that Starfleet embodies. I would also like to offer my service to you if you have the feel to vent or just have someone to talk to, then feel free to contact me at any time. I feel it only fair to offer this since you've been so understanding and patient with me, it just something a friend would do. " She looked up with a little doubt in her eye. " Or at least I'm hoping I can be counted as a friend at some time in the future. "

"There is no rush to get to know the personal details of each other's lives that we do not want to share just yet. I thank you for the offer of your ear and I may in time use it, but as Captain I think right now, I am best served keeping my troubles with myself." he smiled at his security chief. "Friendships forged in the fires of Starfleet last centuries, if you live that long." he joked. "In time I am sure we will all become what we need to be to each other." he added cryptically as he stood. "This has been nice, Lieutenant. However, there are a few final things I need to go and take care of before we depart."

J'nassa bowed her head. " I thank you for your time Captain, As you stated there is plenty of time and I know that you are busy in getting preparations for departure. I have a few things that I should take care of myself." She stood up to leave. " With your permission I shall take my leave Captain. "

"Of course, Lieutenant. It was a pleasure speaking to you." Hastios rose as she did and with a smile she parted ways and backk off to work.

Lieutenant J'nassa B'lara
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Explorer

Captain Hastios Patton
Commanding Officer
USS Explorer


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