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Want some tea?

Posted on Fri Oct 14th, 2022 @ 4:41am by Lieutenant Commander Anastasia Igorevich & Lieutenant J'nassa B'lara Re Zanas

Mission: Prelude Mk 2 (Soft Reboot)
Location: Security Office

Curiosity got the better of her and Anastasia wanted to find out who was the Chief of Security. She got a selection of teas, different blends and a variety of pastries. She wasn't certain if the Chief of Security was a tea person but one could only try. She tapped on her com badge.

"Lieutenant Zanas, what is your location? Do you have time for tea and some goodies?"

There was a several second pause. " Um.. Hello. This is Lieutenant J'nassa B'lara, The Re Zanas in my name is only used when I formally introduce myself to someone for the first time. The Re Zanas simply means that I am from the City of Zanas. Might I inquire who you are? But Tea and goodies does sound rather delightful though. And as for my location I am currently in my office unpacking my gear. "

Ana realized something, she hadn't identified herself yet. "I am Lieutenant Commander Igorevich, chief science officer. Sorry I had forgotten to state that. I will be there with tea and biscuits for us to eat while talking."

Soon, there was a chime at the door of security letting B'lara know that she had arrived.

B'lara had just finished placing all of her prepacked bags of items that she would need into the top drawer. She looked to the door and smiled. " Please Enter. " She called and stood as the door opened. " I am Lieutenant J'nassa B'lara Re Zanas. Please forgive the minor mess and make yourself comfortable. It is a pleasure to greet you in person Lieutenant Commander Igorevich. "

Ana smiled, "Thank you, and it my pleasure as well." she finding a place to put her offerings upon, then took a seat. "The place looks fine. I still have to make my office orderly, I have put that off instead decided to check out the garden area instead." a light laugh.

J'nassa was pleasantly surprised. " Do you do gardening as well? "J'nassa asked. " I love tending to my gardens and I enjoy it and find gardening very relaxing, You must show me these gardens that we have aboard the ship. I have a number of heritage seeds that are looking for a good home in some rich soil. "

" So tell me a bit about yourself if you don't mind. Do you have any family aboard the ship? Husband or children? If those questions are too personal then feel free to not answer them if your uncomfortable with any of them. "

"I love to do gardening, and when you are settled in we can set up an area for you to plant your seeds." Ana's face lighting up with a smile. "As for me having a husband, or children. I have none of those and also no one in the romantic side of things either. How about you? Do you have any of those?"

" I did once. " She said with a sad smile. But there was an accident of sorts an they are no longer amongst the living. And no I have no one special in my life at this time either.. Perhaps one day maybe, but there is nothing on the horizon for the time being.

Ana's eyes widened at this bit of news. "Oh I am terribly sorry to hear this, that is horrible!" a look of sadness crossing her features. "I've not experienced a loss like that but definitely my condolences." her voice soft and low. "How about I fix you a spot of tea?"

" Thank you, some tea would be lovely. " Stated J'nassa. If the Captain ever came to my quarters he might mistake it for a garden. I've got Flowers and vines and herb trays set up and have started growing dwarf tea bushes to cultivate when they're ready. " J'nassa sighed lightly. " the only real problem I have when it comes to my plants is Mittens. She tends to chew at some of the herbs and the leaves at times and normally keeps to the ones I've made for her." She looked up at Anastasia . " Oh... I forgot to say that Mittens is my one year old russian blue cat. She is quite playful and adventurous, and like most cats she loves attention. " She said with a smile.

"Sounds quite lovely, I don't have a pet, I've not truly thought of getting one to be honest. And with my being a little bit of a Klutz at times, I think it would be best if I were to keep the plants in the science department." giving a light laugh as she prepared the proper cup of tea. When it was finished she brought it over to J'nassa. "Here you go and I do have tea biscuits to go with them as well." bringing those out for them both to have.

" Thank you for the tea and biscuits. If you'd like I could replicate us some cucumber sandwiches to go with it. " She offered. " So how long have you been with the ship? " J'nassa inquired. " And please call me J'nassa, you've been so kind, For that I thank you. "

"I have only just arrived, and cucumber sandwiches sound marvelous. I've not checked the aquaponics area yet to see if we have anything like that. Hopefully we do." Ana replied. "And call me Ana. If I am to call you J'nassa." giving a smile.

J'nassa went to the replicator. " Six cucumber sandwich wedges please....Oh and two chocolate covered belgium truffles. " The replicator hummed and delivered the requested items. " We have to have something to nibble on after the sandwiches and tea. " She said with a smile as she sat the plates on the desk. " And thank you for coming to visit me today Ana, It's always nice to be welcomed aboard a new ship and meeting new friends. "

"Well besides my being the Chief of Science, I have another calling, I am also a diplomat. Besides that I did want to meet you. Especially you will be called upon to keep us safe when some of us go on away missions." she smiled at the chocolate that appeared. "I so love chocolate, well the dark chocolate. White chocolate isn't chocolate at all."

" Of course I will do my utmost to protect the members of the crew and the away team as well. I was unaware that you were also our diplomat for the ship as well." J'nassa smiled at the comment about chocolate. Is there any other kind of chocolate other then dark. " she asked. " One of my personal favorites is a chocolate bomb! It is a ball of chocolate that is dropped into a mug of hot milk and allowed to melt and drank like hot cocoa, It's a nice way to end a stressful day. Sometimes I tell myself that it's been a stressful day just so i can reward myself with one. " She stated with a grin. " Any excuse for chocolate is a good excuse. "

Ana chuckled, "Really the only 'excuse' to have chocolate is just because we want it. It is a food that makes a person feel happy, well except for those rare people who are allergic to the delectable tasty treat. The talk about chocolate is certainly making me desire it even more. Shall we dig in?" Ana grinning.

" But of course! " Exclaimed J'nassa. " Far be it from me to ever have anyone say that I allowed perfectly good chocolate to go to waste. " She bit into the chocolate and closed her eyes and allowed the taste of the belgium truffle to fill her senses. " Mmm...That is so delicious! Other then men, Chocolate and good food is all a woman really needs to keep her going and happy, well most of the time anyway. " She said with a laugh.

"My sister is going to be upset that I have had chocolate without her." giving a laugh then Ana took a bite of her chocolate. "Ooh this is really really good, must need to get more. I need to get more chocolate, definitely more chocolate."

" I'm glad you enjoy it. I was lucky enough to find some on a freeport I visited. Some people like to collect fine wines, I collect fine chocolates and have them for special occasions. Mostly with female friends, Yes males enjoy chocolate too as something to be consumed. But something like this needs to be savored like a fine wine and appreciated. "

"I most definitely agree." Ana giving a bit of a smile. "We need to do a chocolate appreciation party with you, me and my sister. Maybe even a few of the other females on the ship. Maybe welcome aboard sort of event?" giving a girlish giggle.

" Hmmm.... Sounds like a fine idea to me. A ladies night out, we could have dinner followed by plates of different types of sampling chocolates...." She paused midsentence. " That and maybe a chocolate fondue fountain in which we could dip various items into it. " Said J'nassa. On one of the ship's I served aboard we had a bachelorette party for one of friends who was getting married to a wonderful man. Unbeknownst to her, Her bestie who was in charge planning the party had a theme in mind and embarrassed the bride to be with a chocolate and chippendale theme. " She blushed ever so slightly as she spoke about it.

"A Chippendale theme?" Ana's eyes went wide I've not experienced that. Uh what is that? What is a Chippendale? It sounds like a piece of furniture." picking up another piece of chocolate to savor.

J'nassa's face turned crimson as her head lowered and her voice got softer as she remembered that evening. " Umm... a Chippendale... is Uhh troop of Umm... How do I say this? Uhh.. Six hunky male strippers that do some very erotic dances at your table. " She grew a little frustrated. " Blast it!! Why am I getting so embarrassed? It was a holodeck program a few years ago. Why now? "She fanned her face to cool it down. " Needless to say I was a little more then surprised that evening. " She said as she recomposed herself. She laughed at herself and shook her head. " The new Chief of Security blushing like a school girl who has been caught by her crush. " She glanced up at Ana. " I'm just glad it's just the two of us here right now or I would have really been embarrassed had there been more people about. "

Ana's eyes widened listening to J'nassa's account as to the bachelorette party. "Oh my that sounds like well.. I have no clue what to say there. I've not experienced that sort of occasion before. I don't know what I would have done if that happened to me." Ana deciding to not let her imagination run wild.

" I was so embarrassed that I hid in the ladies room for about fifteen minutes. " She said softly as she lowered her head. " Earth has some rather strange customs. Eldorians marriages are a simple celebration of a union of love and the joining of two hearts, I didn't even know what a bachelorette party was when I was invited. " She shook her head as if to clear the thoughts. " Well it seems that I have a very good crew in the security department. " She said changing the subject. " So how are the people in your department?" J'nassa asked.

"I am getting to know them a little bit at a time, Aqua she is not too bad. She is just full of positive energy, I'd like to bottle it up and send it into the warp drive to give it a little bit more of a a boost." Ana giving a laugh. "She's great to talk to."

" Sounds like that could be put to better use in a hypospray and distributed to the crew. " Said J'nassa with a grin. Imagine how much work could get done in a day. "

"Oh I heartily would agree on that. Well, I should let you get back to work, as I've got to get back to mine. Just wanted to say, welcome to the ship." Ana giving a bit of a smile, then rose from the seat she'd been sitting in.

J'nassa stood as Ana did. " Thank you for giving me such a warm welcome to the ship, I hope to see you again soon somewhere around the ship. I always enjoy making new friends. I should get back to work and catch up on the ships logs and see what cases were left to me and read over the officers files so I can decide who I should go visit next. She said with an amused smile.

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