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Doctor and Science

Posted on Tue Sep 27th, 2022 @ 7:09pm by Lieutenant Commander Anastasia Igorevich & Lieutenant Ostara Ral

Mission: Prelude Mk 2 (Soft Reboot)
Location: USS Explorer
Timeline: Sometime before Briefing

Curious about how things were set up in medical, Ana made her way to there. She just had to explore. Even though she wasn't part of the medical profession, she did grow herbs and liked to work on more natural remedies. She wondered if the person who was in charge of medical, did they practice both modern and natural medicine? Her curious mind wanted to know.

"Excuse me is, Doctor Ral in?" she asked someone there.

Ostara had been ready for this, in fact she waited for it. The crew had to check in for their physicals as they boarded and she was determined to get them done as quickly and as efficiently as possible. She turned to the new comer and flashed her crooked smile. "I am Dr Ral. Are you here for your physical?"

Ana chuckled, "Actually it hadn't occurred to me to come to do so, I came for another reason." Smiling. "But sure why not. Two birds one stone, sort of thing." she walked over towards Dr. Ral, holding out her hand to shake Ral's. "Hi I'm the Chief Science officer, Ana Igorevich. Nice to meet you."

"Likewise Ana. You can call me Ostara or Ral if you wish. So if you did not come here for your physical then what brings you down to Sick Bay?" Ostara asked as she began the medical scan of the woman.

"I can call you either one but, I'll go with Ostara." Ana responded, having taken a seat upon the bio bed. "I actually came to meet you as I was curious. Wanted to see what you utilized in your medical treatments. Do you use natural remedies along with the more modern medicine? Do you do gardening? What do you like to do on your personal time, if you take personal time away from work?"

For the umpteenth time today Ostara turned on the medical scanners. As they hummed to life she processed the rapid fire questions that came from the Science Officer. "You have a very inquisitive mind. I do indeed use some natural remedies in my treatments. I like to practice a homeopathic approach to my patients. I enjoy gardening and often grow some of my own herbs to use in treatments. In my spare time I enjoy singing, playing music, and swordplay. All work and no play and all that."

"Singing, playing music sounds like a well rounded individual. I don't do sword play but i am learning an musical instrument from my homeland. I like to draw. And I like to swim. I know you didn't ask me those questions but I thought I'd offer those since I asked you so many questions." Ana laughed.

If Ostara did not know any better she would have thought that this woman had something wrong with her, however, the scans looked good. This was probably just her being inquisitive and wanting to fit in. "You know if you don't slow down life may just pass you by..." She paused to let her meaning sink in. "What is the instrument from your homeland?"

Ana laughed, "Oh dear I went from zero to one hundred in a matter of seconds. I'm just a little bit excited being on this ship, so guess I've got a natural high." giving a grin. "As for the instrument, it is called a Gusli, which is like a zither. Its rather fun to play."

"Perhaps we will have to jam. I play harp and guitar. When on a guitar I prefer to play Rock and Roll. It just soothes my soul as it is said. And with Ral's help I am quite good." Ostara gave a slight pat to her stomach when she mentioned the being that she shared her life with.

"I would like that, maybe I can up my playing skills with the Gusli." She paused then asked, "How long have you been the host for Ral? I've been intrigued by the symbiotic relationship of your race. What sort of history has Ral and you have lived through." Ana asked.

"Ral and I have shared our lives for the past twenty years. I was joined at eighteen because Ral chose me to join with. In the twenty years we have been together we have attended Starfleet Academy, and Starfleet Medical. We have been through a couple of ship assignments and here we are. Of course during that time we saved a race or two or three." Ostara winked and smiled. In truth she was not fond of talking about her accomplishments.

"That is quite the accomplishment and now here we are, talking in this medical bay. I am certain that we will all benefit from your skills." Ana replied. "And you certainly have a good way about you, setting a person at ease when they come in for examinations. I like that very much. " She decided not to pursue any further questions about the previous assignments that Ostara briefly mentioned. "You said you play the guitar, would you be willing to teach someone?"

"Of course I would love to teach you a thing or two. Hmmmm..." Ostara spoke as she looked over the readings from the physical. "Tell me what does your diet consist of? It seems that you have a slightly elevated potassium level. Nothing that would be alarming, or keep you from duty. But something that we should address."

"I've been drinking a smoothie consisting of my green vegetables, which contain potassium. And maybe I've not really been keeping up on my drinking of water. And maybe I've not been eating balanced meals like I should." Ana giving a bit of a blush. "Okay you can scold me on that one. The last mission was a bit stressful, before I arrived here."

"I am here to scold no one, I am simply here to make sure everyone stays happy and healthy while we make the galaxy better. So lets try drinking more water while eating the smoothies. That should bring your levels into balance, and if they don't we will try something else. But like I said this is not something that would keep you from duty. So you are cleared to take your station." Ostara looked at the woman with a little sympathy she understood stress understood it all too well with the centuries of experiences she has from Ral. "The ship's counselor has not checked in yet. However, if you wish to talk about what is so stressful I am here to listen."

"I will certainly keep that in mind, I may well indeed talk to you in case I am unable to talk to the chief Counselor, who for that matter, is my twin sister. She and I haven't seen each other in a long while so, we've got to become reacquainted. She is onboard as we arrived at the same time." her face brightened up, "I've truly missed her, and am looking forward to exchanging tales of what's happened in our lives so far."

"Your twin... Wow that certainly is a treat of sorts. I would agree that if you need a Counselor perhaps your sister is not the best, as she may be personally involved. So as I said I am here if you need. How long has it been since you last saw each other?" It had been some time since Ostara had seen her own family. She felt a twinge of guilt over that.

"It's been way too long in truth, almost 7 years, since being in the same room and living space." Ana responded, thinking about the past years. "I think we had gotten some shore leave and spent some time together, its just you know how time flies by when a person gets occupied with the daily routine. We did send video letters." Ana had a look of regret, "Just thinking about that, makes me feel like I was being neglectful."

"Speaking as someone with some experience in neglecting family I can tell you that most family forgives your absence. Especially if you are in the fleet. I think when the two of you get together it will be like you never parted. If you need or want I can come with you when you meet her for the first time. It could be under the guise of meeting the new Counselor as I am her department head. If all is going well I will leave, and if it doesn't I can try to help fix it." Ostara smiled as she placed her tools back on the cart.

"Well we did meet up at the embarking point." Ana replied, "However something just occurred to me. Could do a chocolate party, the chief of security and I ended up talking about chocolate and well, us ladies can have a meet and greet would be nice to have one. What do you think?" Ana's smile lighting up her features. "Do you like chocolate?"

Deep within the mind of the Doctor an image of the beautiful Security Chief in pajamas sprang to mind. Ostara found that she rather enjoyed that image and would not want to pass up a chance to make it a reality. "Yes I do like chocolate. Its funny because I used to hate the stuff. Jazra developed a taste for it when she was on Betazed and so now I like the stuff." She added with a smile.

"Well then, it looks like we've got a plan that is starting to formulate." Ana stated. "When the details are refined and finalized we'll have that get together." the science officer giving a bit of a smile. She rose from the bio bed, "I trust that we are finshed here, and I can be on my way."

"Yup you are free and fit for duty. Have a good one..." Ostara smiled broadly. She was excited and overjoyed to be invited to a gathering. It was something that Ral had rarely experienced and loved.

With a wave, Ana left, and was looking forward to them getting back out to explore space and its unknown wonders.



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