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Posted on Thu Oct 6th, 2022 @ 10:24pm by Lieutenant Commander Anastasia Igorevich & Ensign Aqua Powers

Mission: Prelude Mk 2 (Soft Reboot)
Location: Gym

She was now the new chief of science, and Ana wanted to meet another of the crew she'd not met. According to the roster the person who she's not met, was an Ensign by the name of Aqua Powers. Not knowing where the Talaxian would be at, Ana tapped her com badge. "Ensign Powers, this is Commander Igorevich I'd like to meet with you. Where shall we do so?"

"I...umph! That is...yeowch! Er...gym.'s this?" Aqua finally huffed out, having missed parts of the message as she'd tumbled down from a balance beam at the chirp of her Com Badge...from an upside down position at that! "Er...let me try this again. This is Ensign Powers and I'm in the gym and um...could you say who YOU are again, please?" Aqua asked...a LOT calmer...and sitting on the floor, than her first attempt at answering her Com Badge.

"I'm Commander Igrovich, and I'll be there in just a moment." and so she was, Ana having been just outside of the Gym. "Hello there, you can call me Ana as we are not on duty as of yet. Are you okay?" Walking over towards where the Talaxian was at.

"AH!!!, Commander! Er...Ana! I'm gonna stop yelling now ow ow ow!" Aqua gulped as she scrambled to her feet, almost falling as she put weight on her left foot, which for some reason hurt like crazy, and hoping she could EVENTUALLY pull her PROVERBIAL foot out of her...wherever it had ended up by now considering her kneecap was even with her nose.

Ana had to hide an amused expression, instead she walked over to assist the Talaxian woman, " Here let me help you get untangled, Aqua. You definitely got yourself in a bit of trouble." working to carefully help Aqua.

"Thank you, Ma'am, er, Ana. I think I just landed a little wonky. It should be okay in a few minutes," Aqua said, holding on to Ana as she gently moved her ankle in a circle to check and got calmed down enough to the point were she could form complete sentences without sounding like a Masokan Muddabber.

"I must say, Aqua you are quite the lively one and definitely very perky. I like that. So I am in science the chief scientist on the ship now. What do you like to do for fun?" Ana asked.

"Thank, Ana. I like hiking, swimming, horseback riding, and gymnastics, as you can see. I also read and do a little writing in my down time. How bout you?" Aqua sheepishly rubbed the back of her neck, finally able to communicate like a normal being again.

"I like to swim, and love reading. Also I dance. And what sort of writing do you like to do? Any sort of genre?" Ana was rather intrigued by this. "I would love to read some of your writing."

Aqua smiled, excited to have someone to talk to about her stories. "That'd be great! Well, several different genre: I mostly write about Ancient Earth mythological/fictional character: girls that can shapeshift, (one into a jaguar, one multiple shifts, and another a wolf [maybe on the wolf, I haven't worked on that one in awhile]) werewolves and mermaids being Mates, two sisters torn apart after WWII and reunited by one of them defeating the dictator and they were not only reunited with each other, but their Father as well...and not only did I say 'reunite' like three times, I'm rambling," Aqua started to giggle. Thankfully, her foot wasn't quite so far in her mouth this time. "Hey, my legs better," Aqua gently placed all of her weight on her left foot.

Ana grinned and also it seemed she had stars in her eyes. "ooh a mixture of historical fantasy. I love the sound of that. Now I want to read that even more." clasping her hands together against her chest. "Definitely keep me updated on that." she looked at Aqua's leg and gave a nod. "Oh good glad it is better. So what is your family like, Aqua?"

Aqua grinned, happy to have a fellow book enthusiast. "Definitely! As to family, I have three brothers and two sisters. All older than me, so I don't have as much contact with them as Mom and Dad. Max, who's the oldest, Clark, and Neal. Then Leah came along, then Jazmine, then me. Mom's bothers: Uncle Mel and Rafe, are the absolute BEST! They don't spoil us per say...but Mom's had to 'reprimand' them a few times for, well, being Uncles. My parents; Mina and Jor, decided to go back to Andoria after I graduated from the Academy" Aqua brushed a strand of fur back into place, making a mental note to contact her family over the next few days.

"You certainly have a nice sized family" Ana giving a grin. " Okay now I need to ask, do you like chocolate? Do you have a favorite sweet you like to eat?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Aqua beamed, then her mouth started to water at the mention of chocolate. "Ana, I LOVE chocolate! Although, I did find out recently that Blood Oranges are NOT something I like in my chocolate," Aqua shuddered at the memory. "As to specifics, I like chocolate cheesecake, mint chocolate ice cream, brownies...I could go on for awhile, I have a very big sweet tooth," Aqua laughed. "What about you? What's your favorite?" Aqua asked.

"I don't know if i have any favorites. I do though know there are some chocolate combinations I do not like. Such as chocolate covered blueberries, and I despise the so called white chocolate. It doesn't have the lovely dark shade of color and it does not have that particular chocolate taste." Ana giving shudder and a scrunched up expression of disgust. "Just eeewww."

Aqua laughed. "I'll eat white chocolate when the REAL stuff isn't available, but yeah, I understand. So, would you like to give it a try?" Aqua asked, pointing to the balance beam.

Ana looked dubiously at the balance beam. "I am not certain if I should try that again." giving a selfconcious laugh. "I sort of got all tangled up when i fell." her cheeks going a hint of red.

Aqua giggled sympathetically. "I understand. You should have seen me when I got up there the first time, it wasn't pretty,"

"Well, how about later I try it out. I've got to go make another stop before I get more settled into the groove of things. And since you are in science and the same as me, you and I get to spend a bit more time together" Ana giving a cheery smile.

"That'd be great! I look forward to it!" Aqua grinned happily.

"I will see you then. I'll head out now and go look at the rest of the ship." Ana giving a wave and the leaving the Gym.

Agua waved back and smiled to herself as she cleaned up her area, took a quick shower, and left the Gym, skipping to her quarters.


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