USS Explorer

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Meeting the New Diplomatic Officer

Posted on Thu Nov 18th, 2021 @ 5:33pm by Captain Poko Dimlac & Lieutenant JG Gegimp

Mission: Prelude: Ship Shape
Location: Ready Room

Dimlac sat at his desk in the dark. His chin resting on his left hand while his right hand lay flat on the desk as he tapped his forefinger. He didn't like the waiting game, he wanted to get going and meet the Emerald Chain head on rather than chasing them off which is all they seemed to do these days.

Suddenly, his ready room door chime sounded bring him back to the room and put of his mind. "Computer, lights to 75 percent." He said as he straightened himself out. "Come!"

Gegimp entered standing at attention per regulations, "Gegimp Chief Diplomatic Officer report for duty," He stated.

'A Ferengi' Dimlac thought to himself when he saw them walk in. "Take a seat, Lieutenant." The Cardassian said with a brief look at the empty hovering chair in front of his desk. "Do you know why you've been assigned to my ship, Mister Gegimp?"

Gegimp thought he was at ease when offered a seat which he took while replying to the question put forward to him, "My role is to seek a diplomatic solution to the Emerald chain's incursion into Kelpien & Ba'ul space,"

The Captain nodded, "Has Admiral Vance gone soft? There is no diplomatic solution when it comes to the Chain." He thought out loud. "What's the plan then?"

"People are people," Gegimp replied "Some Orions Captain's seek peace for power and some seek war for honour. Our plan is to hope for a Fleet Commander who seeks peace for power,"

"I don't suppose you want to enlighten me on this incursion, do you, Lieutenant?" Dimlac asked. He wasn't keen on being kept in the dark and was eager to get moving.

"You know as much as I do they're performing military exercises and it's scaring the Federation council," Gegimp replied.

"The Council scare too easily these days. They need a spine again or the Federation will continue to crumble around them." The Captain said. "So, why have the council assigned a Diplomatic Officer to my ship?"

"Because Starfleet and the Federation are sleeping giants," Gegimp said "They've looked to the stars and not what's in front of their noses... They will not reform themselves in the name of democracy."

Poko couldnt help but agree with the Ferengi Lieutenant. "They are indeed. Are you expecting to do much talking with the Chain, if and when we encounter them?"

"It's hard to say," Gegimp said "Expecting? No. Forcefully? Yes."

"I'd prefer to let my weapons systems do the talking. They shouldn't be given the time of day. They're lawless and savages, the galaxy would be a better place without them." The Cardassian replied, probably a little to forcefully but the Chain made his blood boil.

"It is your ship sir," Gegimp replied.

"That's something we both agree on." Poko replied with a wry smile. "So, have you ever served on a Constitution Class vessel before?"

"No sir," Gegimp answered "All Nebula Classes. You?"

"Actually, I served on Explorer about 20 years ago as an engineer. Been on various different classes too during my career. I was glad to get Explorer though, she's a beautiful ship." Dimlac replied proudly. " Better than those new Intrepid class ships they got now."

"It's good to know that you know what your ship is capble of sir," Gegimp repiled

"Well, I did 20 years ago." Poko smirked. "But she's had a few refits and modifications since then. Though I'm pretty sure I could still get myself round the inners of the ship."

"Is there anything else sir?" Gegimp asked, "I still have a department to run and prepare for departure."

"Not at the moment, Lieutenant. Thank you for reporting in. You are dismissed." Poko said with a curt nod.


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