USS Explorer

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Meeting the Security Chief

Posted on Thu Dec 23rd, 2021 @ 4:59pm by Lieutenant Terra Sefu & Captain Poko Dimlac

Mission: Prelude: Ship Shape
Location: Ready Room

About five minutes ago his computer console chirped and the holographic display brought up the personnel file of the new security chief Admiral Vance was sending the Explorer. The Cardassian had spent the last few minutes studying everything about it. He wanted to know who his security chief was and if they were up for the job.

The ready room door chime sounded and Poko's eyes narrowed as he looked at the door. He waved his hand to shut the holographic screen down. "Come!" He called out.

The trip to the Explorer had been uneventful, thankfully. Terra had been very grateful for that, the loss of her last ship was still reeling through her mind even after all the talking and rehabilitation. Terra was better, not healed, but better.

She heard the call to enter and she watched as the doors parted. "Hello Captain. I am Lieutenant Terra Sefu, it is nice to meet you." she said standing firmly before him.

"Welcome to the Explorer, I'm Captain Poko Dimlac. Please take a seat." The Captain said as he gestured to the two free hovering seats which were in front of his desk.

Terra nodded, she knew who he was but still the introduction was merely formality. "Thank you, sir." she said moving towards and then sitting down comfortably on the chair. "She's a beautiful ship."

"She's old, but she is sleek to look at. I do like these Constitution Class ships." Dimlac said proudly. "Have you served on one before?"

"Experience comes with age, I'm sure she still has a few tricks up her sleeve to keep the boys guessing." Terra commented as she looked around the room before her eyes set on Dimlac. "And no, Captain. This is my first time."

Dimlac was starting to like this new officer. "So, tell me about yourself, Lieutenant?"

"Not a lot to tell sadly, just a normal girl making her way through life. I grew up on the Viccit mining colony, my parents left me as a baby and I was taken in by a Bajoran couple. They took care of me until I was eleven when they sadly died in a mine collapse. I survived with a small group of children, my Caitian brother Defin and eventually the colony was taken by Starfleet. I took the chance at a new life, one in service to those that saved me. Think I'm doing okay so far." Terra smiled.

"You were lucky the Emerald Chain didn't take the colony or your life could be a very different one now." Poko commented.

"They did sir. They ran that colony like a labour camp. I heard we were independent to begin with but we had struck a large vein of buried dilithium, they heard about it and wanted it." Terra said as her mind cast back a little. A life so hard and brutal at the beginning of her life. "I think that's one reason I am in the field I am. I've been on the other side of injustice, from the Chain and others, but I want to..." her passionate rage against the Chain was building and she felt she had to calm herself. "I want to be the justice and protection that others need."

Dimlac nodded his understanding, "I too have had dealings with the Chain on a personal level. I, for one, can not wait until we rid the galaxy of their brutal and savage ways. Unfortunately, the lack of dilithium has really hampered our work and allow them to grow where we have shrunk."

"You and I share that passion sir." Terra said with a small smile. The Emerald Chain was becoming more powerful in recent years and Starfleet were stretched pretty thin with travelling becoming difficult. "I have noticed over the years that we are on the losing side of that battle." she added with a hint of frustration and sadness.

"Indeed. I don't like it either. Starfleet never wants to hit them head on, instead they'd rather play mind games. Admiral Vance won't take the fight to them, that's something we have clashed over many times in recent years." Dimlac replied also showing his frustration.

"I can imagine sir." Terra replied nodding with understanding. "I have seen him in the halls of headquarters but he is a little above my grade to ever have spoken to him. He does carry himself as someone with regret, like he is standing on the threshold of letting go but cant bring himself to do so. Maybe he just needs you in his ear to keep himself on the path the Prophets have laid out for him."

Dimlac sighed, "We could spend all day discussing the Admiral and his motives. If I'm honest, I don't think I could be in his boots. Starfleet and the Federation seems to be a massive balancing game lately, sooner or later something has to give." He paused for a moment as he let his mind wander to what the future might hold. He quickly snapped his attention back to his new security chief. "So, do you have any questions?"

"Agreed sir. I think we can only focus on what is in front of us. The Explorer and her mission are all we need and if we keep ourselves on the right path then we keep our scales balanced." Terra said confidently using some of the Captains words back at him. "I do not have any immediate ones Captain. Do you have anything for me?" She asked.

Poko nodded, "Make sure Explorer is ready for a fight, I feel like she's going to get one very soon."

"I will sir. I'll start running drills immediately." Terra said with a curt nod.

"Excellent." Dimlac said with a nod. "I'll let you get settled into your new assignment." The Cardassian said as he rose to his feet and offered the Lieutenant his hand to shake. "Welcome to the Explorer."

Terra rose from her seat following suit from her Captain. "Thank you sir." she said shaking his hand and then bowing a little as she retreated and left through the door. Time to put security through their paces.


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