USS Explorer

Welcome to the USS Explorer NCC 1966-G!


Since the Burn, Starfleet has struggled to keep contact with most of the Federation. Only 38 planets are all that remains of the once proud and noble Untied Federation of Planets.

Now, they do what they can to keep what they have out of the hands of the Emerald Chain. A new government which emerged in the power vacuum that followed the Burn.

The USS Explorer has recently undergone minor repairs and refit after an engagement against the Emerald Chain. Her Captain, Poko Dimlac, is looking forward to getting back into space and keeping the Galaxy a safe place for against the Emerald Chain and similar organisations.

The USS Explorer sim is set at the end of Season 3 of Star Trek: Discovery and will follow canon in Season 4. We are looking for exciting and creative writers to join the sim and help create a fun and safe simming environment for everyone involved.

Available Positions:

Chief Operations Officer
Chief Communications Officer
Chief Engineer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Medical Officer

RPG Rating 3 2 3

Latest Mission Posts

» Mission Brief

Mission: Prelude: Ship Shape
Posted on Tue Jan 11th, 2022 @ 10:49am by Captain Poko Dimlac & Commander Emko Xasx & Lieutenant Terra Sefu & Lieutenant JG Gegimp

After speaking with Admiral Vance, Captain Dimlac called an emergency mission brief with his senior staff, well, with what senior staff he had. He walked into the conference lounge and headed straight for the replicator. He wanted to order a bottle Kanar and retire to his quarters but duty called.…

» Meeting the Security Chief

Mission: Prelude: Ship Shape
Posted on Thu Dec 23rd, 2021 @ 4:59pm by Lieutenant Terra Sefu & Captain Poko Dimlac

About five minutes ago his computer console chirped and the holographic display brought up the personnel file of the new security chief Admiral Vance was sending the Explorer. The Cardassian had spent the last few minutes studying everything about it. He wanted to know who his security chief was and…

» Meeting the New Diplomatic Officer

Mission: Prelude: Ship Shape
Posted on Thu Nov 18th, 2021 @ 5:33pm by Captain Poko Dimlac & Lieutenant JG Gegimp

Dimlac sat at his desk in the dark. His chin resting on his left hand while his right hand lay flat on the desk as he tapped his forefinger. He didn't like the waiting game, he wanted to get going and meet the Emerald Chain head on rather than chasing…

» Meeting The New Number One

Mission: Prelude: Ship Shape
Posted on Tue Oct 5th, 2021 @ 9:15pm by Captain Poko Dimlac & Commander Emko Xasx

Poko nodded his approval as he read the holographic screen in front of him. Seems Explorer would be ready to launch within the next 72 hours which would be excellent as he wanted to assist the fleet at Kaminar. He wasn't sure what the Chain was up to but he…

» New ship, New rules

Mission: Prelude: Ship Shape
Posted on Mon Sep 13th, 2021 @ 5:43pm by Lieutenant JG Gegimp & Crewman Recruit Mihăiță Constantin


Gegimp was on The Dilithium Mines of Kymni III, his home town and his home. He was resting up at home with his husband and daughter on the Class K rock. It was pretty tiny they lived in a flat that had a school inside of an artificial biosphere.…